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Monday, April 13, 2009

A Bitty Lapse

We've had a small set back in blogging--called the stomach virus.  We made it to TN for Keith's grandmother's 80th SURPRISE party and while there we got a little "surprise" of our own.  Knox woke up Saturday with the stomach bug, but to be feeling better by mid-day.  On our way home Sunday, I started feeling bad, only to come home with the stomach bug myself.  Once I started feeling better, we found out Grammy had started to come down with it, quickly followed by Grandadddy and Daddy.

Other than that, school went wonderful for Wild Man, and I think his sweet teacher will miss him for two weeks.  I meet my parents in Birmingham, since they TOLD me that they were keeping him during their Spring Break.  :)  Instead of immediately turning back to ATL, my BFF Jayma and her hubby's family graciously accepted an "intruder" on their Easter Sunday, which also happened to be BJ's birthday.  Since my parents high-tailed it once they had my child :), I was glad to spend Easter Sunday with such a wonderful family, though I missed Hubs something terrible.  I was glad I was able to spend the night with Jayma and sit around to keep her company for a bit before heading back home today.

I think I already miss my Bug, but I know I'll get TONS done, since I have three showers I'm helping hostess in two weekends (all in one weekend that is two weekends away)!  I know he's having a blast with his Ma Jack & Big Daddy, and vice versa, but you just can't help miss the little turkey!!!

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