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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Weekend in Flo-town

We had a most fantastic weekend back in Flo-town.  The main purpose of the trip home was for me to be a part of wedding nuptials for Cook, one of my BFFs from high school.  While home for that purpose, my brother came home and his fab girlfriend, Lindsey came to visit too.  Much fun was had, and helped me overcome my previously posted disappointment.  ;)

The Groom & Bride at Rehearsal

Keith & Me at the Reception

All of the "babies"--Molly will be here within the month!
Tiff & Norah, Jayma & Molly-In-The-Belly, Knox & me

Me, Cook (The Bride, obv) & Jay before the wedding

Water-time fun at Ma Jack & Big Daddy's

This must be a time-honored tradition--Daddy used to throw me down the waterslide when I was a wee little girl.  Knox loved it so much that he would jump right up after the slide down, and RUN back to Big Daddy to do it again!

He figured out how to push the gas on the car, but doesn't know to steer.  He gases it, and looks every which way but forward.  We had to run beside him and steer it for him every so often.  He even was looking under the hood--which he's never seen anyone do!  Must me born into boys.

Brother couldn't let Knox have all the fun.  Pool was a pirate ship, hence his feeble attempt at a pirate hook with his finger with a pirate grin.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Business Giveaway--A Little Disappointed

So, I'm a little disappointed.  As most all of you know, I run my own business from home.  I am currently seeking to grow my creative realm, and expand my product offerings.  In my quest to accomplish this task, I have created a blog on which I've recently set up a FREE GIVEAWAY to hopefully increase traffic to the site (in turn, increasing sales).  I have read on other blogs where something similar was offered, and their comment section is ridiculously flooded.  That's what my business blog wants to be when it grows up.

I have "advertised" this giveaway on both my blog (obv.) and on Facebook, where I have a few hundred "friends".  Sweet Lindsey has even set up group on Facebook for my business (thank you again, Linds!), and has sent an email to this group also "advertising."  With all of this exposure, I envisioned all of these people, particularly sisters, jumping on the support bandwagon to leave comments either on my blog or on Facebook to be entered.  I guess my thought process was sadly mistaken--I have SEVEN, yes, a mere seven comments.  I thought the word FREE would get people excited, but obviously not.  I guess those seven are just that much more lucky--the odds are fabulous for them!  ;)  I have gotten some really great ideas from those seven, so to you--YOU ROCK, PEACOCK!

No, don't get me wrong, I am so EXTREMELY thankful for all of the support I have received.  I am staying busy, and have gotten a couple of orders recently.  I guess my overactive imagination has just gotten the best of me yet again.  Maybe this is why I had to ask for feedback in the first place?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Muddy, but Fabulous, Memorial Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend celebrating our freedom and all of those who fought for it, with great friends and good food--despite the large quantities of rain we received.

We started our weekend off with our Annual Saturday Memorial Party, complete with a slip-n-slide for the kiddos!  They had a blast sliding away and making a mud pit, as us adults got ready to devour some delish boiled shrimp.  Some of the men even worked in a game of horseshoes between rain showers.  It was another successful and completely enjoyable year!

I was thrilled to make last minutes plans on Sunday to go see the Maddens and their new, beautiful home.  Knox and Willem enjoyed getting to play together for a second day in a row!  It's not many weekends I get to enjoy the company of close friends since hardly anyone lives near enough.

Monday we had plans with the Griggs, since they weren't able to make it to the Shrimp Boil on Saturday.  We had left the slip-n-slide out so the kiddos could have at it again.  Knox throughly enjoys it, to the point of managing to find himself back on it after he has been dried off and re-clothed about three times.  Ingrid's two oldest also had a fine time of playing in the mudpit at the end of the slide.  And Libby probably had the best time--while brothers were inside playing with the dog and Knox down for a nap, she got to play on the slip-n-slide in her birthday suit since the one she had was a tad too small.  Ha!  She loved it!

Even more last minute plans lead us to dinner at Carraba's (sp?) with our great friends, Bridgette and Jeff.  They had been out of town for over a week (on a cruise!) so we HAD to go see them!

So, I'm on a friend high right now!  AND on top of all of those friends, I get to see my family and BFFs this weekend for Ashley's wedding to Patrick.  I even get to see Brother, Lindsey and Lindsey's sister.  I'm excited to see Meghan, Lindsey's sis, because I have had the privilege to work on her wedding printables and a few other things, but we've never met!  We email back and forth like crazy, but that's it.  OH, and it may be the last time I get to see Jayma before Molly makes her grand entrance into the world!!!  YAY!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More sickness and a few randoms

Well, Knox is sick--yet again. Not sure if it's the croup coming back to haunt us, like his NP said it might, but he's running a fever of 100-102 degrees the past day. He even got sick on our bed this afternoon, so that may be a sign that it's something completely different. Yay. I'll be making a call first thing tomorrow AM if the fever hasn't subsided overnight.

In the meantime, I'm catching up on a few projects that I hadn't had a chance to get to like, FINALLY monogramming my BFFs aprons that I made them for CHRISTMAS (yeah, I know, I'm a bit late...), monogramming bags for Jayma (yes, I'm finally getting to those too!) and hemming curtains for my parents (I am HORRID at hemming! Can't EVER get the same measurement twice! URRGGHH!) I'm also working on a few new creative projects--a few to sell through my business for my "sistas" including two items for which I made my own font! FUN!!!

I have definitely come to the realization that I do, in fact, have creative ADD due to the fact I am always trying to create something new (to me) and different. My current obsession is my digital cutter, and I'm so antsy right now because I'm having issues with my newest blade that cuts chipboard & balsa wood--the heavy duty stuff. I have actually already used it for a paying job for wedding hang tags, and for my own personal use of business card tags. Check them out! I have also added prices for some things over there, and will be getting to adding prices on things posted previously. In addition, I've added the ease of a PayPal payment button. You just click, insert a short description (similar to what you email me), insert the payment amount (along with debit/credit card/PayPal account info) and TA-DA! You've just purchased your unique, personalized, and OH-SO-very cute item! :) (Checks are still welcome, too!)

Now that I've shamelessly promoted my own business, I'll leave you in saying to check out the Great Day Graphics blog in a few days to see pics of some of the gifts I mentioned earlier in this post!

Have a great week, y'all!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


and Happy Birthday to MY MOMMY!!!

I just wanted to take a second to acknowledge these two special events that took place today.

I'm sitting here with a full belly (I cooked, but don't mind--great thoughts from last night's sushi still linger), with a slight shade of pink to my white-as-all-get-out skin (I was able to layout while Knox napped for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!) and still enjoying our new patio set.  We broke in the patio set well today--Knox and I enjoyed a late lunch on it (while we watched Daddy build our new horseshoe pit!!!) and we had our first family dinner on it, as well.  Well, when I say family, I really mean Daddy and I ate while Knox played on his slightly wet slide in a diaper, shirt and no shoes.  Oh, and I also received four wonderful cards from Keith, Knox, Ma Jack & Big Daddy and Grammy & Grandaddy!

All in all, it was another wonderful Mother's Day, with the exception that we couldn't actually be with our Mommas--especially sad since it was also my Momma's birthday, my brother was home, and his birthday is coming up on Wednesday (THE BIG TWO-ONE!)  I've said it before, I'll say it again, and will probably say it many times more--butone day soon, we'll be close enough to our families to be able to attend all family functions.  Hopefully sooner than later.

Hope today and this weekend was as wonderful to y'all as it was to me!

This is where I sat for basically the ENTIRE weekend--FABULOUS!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

No Excuse

So there is no excuse for my slacker-type ways in the area of blogging recently.  I have to say, though, I don't know where the month of April went and I hate that our whole little family has been sick twice in the past 6 weeks.  The combo of traveling EVERY weekend in the month of April and being sick for almost two full weeks of six just hasn't made me up to sitting and typing beyond work.

Tonight, the mood struck as I sit outside on my new FABULOUS patio dining set, with super cushy cushions (feet propped up on the table--shhh!  Don't tell!) and enjoy the added breeze of the night from our outdoor ceiling fans (after inhaling an amazing sushi dinner).  Happy Mother's Day to meeeee!  The dining set is also Keith's Father's Day present, but I think all parties involved came out on the up-and-up.  It fits perfectly under our little porch, and we can't wait to have peeps over to enjoy it with us.

In other random news, Knox is still loving "school" and has gotten to the point where he doesn't even really cry when we drop him off.  Of course that happened on Monday of the past week, when he decided to get sick on Tuesday for the rest of the week.  He has the croup, which I didn't realize was like a cold, just with different symptoms.  I got the cold and think we shared with Daddy a bit too--though Daddy's symptoms are a bit different, so he might have gotten them elsewhere.  Just hope he doesn't share with us.

We've been planting and cultivating away at our out of doors.  I have potted many plants and spread much flower seeds and started our little veggie garden, while Keith has cut grass, dug holes for a few of my plants and spread pine straw.  He even bought fab pathway lights for the front and back walkways.  If all goes according to plan, we'll have tomatoes, pole beans, cukes, crookneck squash, zucchini, bell peppers and a variety of herbs in addition to our shade plants under the patio.  The pictures of Knox are from our fun day of playing in the rain--which day you ask, since there has been SO MANY (BOO!)--last Saturday, and it was SO MUCH FUN!

So that's our extremely brief catch up to our days in the Rogers's Neighborhood.  Hopefully, I'll get back in groove of posting since we can calm down a wee bit for the next few weeks.  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the wonderful mother's out there!  Ma Jack and Grammy, we love you more than you could ever know!