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Monday, April 13, 2009

A Bitty Lapse

We've had a small set back in blogging--called the stomach virus.  We made it to TN for Keith's grandmother's 80th SURPRISE party and while there we got a little "surprise" of our own.  Knox woke up Saturday with the stomach bug, but to be feeling better by mid-day.  On our way home Sunday, I started feeling bad, only to come home with the stomach bug myself.  Once I started feeling better, we found out Grammy had started to come down with it, quickly followed by Grandadddy and Daddy.

Other than that, school went wonderful for Wild Man, and I think his sweet teacher will miss him for two weeks.  I meet my parents in Birmingham, since they TOLD me that they were keeping him during their Spring Break.  :)  Instead of immediately turning back to ATL, my BFF Jayma and her hubby's family graciously accepted an "intruder" on their Easter Sunday, which also happened to be BJ's birthday.  Since my parents high-tailed it once they had my child :), I was glad to spend Easter Sunday with such a wonderful family, though I missed Hubs something terrible.  I was glad I was able to spend the night with Jayma and sit around to keep her company for a bit before heading back home today.

I think I already miss my Bug, but I know I'll get TONS done, since I have three showers I'm helping hostess in two weekends (all in one weekend that is two weekends away)!  I know he's having a blast with his Ma Jack & Big Daddy, and vice versa, but you just can't help miss the little turkey!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Knox's First School Week Wrap-Up

Knox surprised us all, even his teachers, with how well he did in school.  His teacher figured him out pretty quick--give him food and he's happy.  Ha!  He barely even whined this morning since teacher had  a banana waiting on him!  Teacher said that he started off better than all of his classmates--that it took them much longer to get settled.  He has a new buddy named Joey, and I witnessed a little high five/attempted sippy cup swapping.  Too cute!  Teacher sent a few things of his artwork home (pictured below), and they are the best EVER!  Don't you think he takes after his mommy?  ;)

They made their own "baskets" out of a milk jug, to use for an Easter Egg hunt next week.  I'm going to see if they'll let me come spy on him while they hunt eggs.  I'm also going to go during their activity time to see him interact.  Teacher thought I might come today, so she had the two way mirror open (I didn't know they had one).  They had a puppet show today, and he just loved it!  He did have one bruise from school, on his ear of all places.  Apparently he crashed and burned from excitement that lunch was being served!  Ha, again!  We hope that the three day break in between school weeks won't set him off too much, but we're really worried for the two WEEK gap he'll have after Easter.  Oh well, he'll be fine just like he was this week, I'm sure.