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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Little Golfer

Knox is obsessed with golf, whether it's us playing on the Wii or a game on the TV (though I'm fairly certain my father started this trend with his Tiger Woods Golf he plays on his computer, with Knox in his lap).  We found out the love of golf on TV recently, when plopped down in the floor with Keith and watched at least 30 minutes with his hands propped up behind his head.  Here are two videos of him watching his newfound love and mimicing their moves.  (The golf set I got when we picked up the infamous antibiotics for the ear infection--needless to say, he's enthusiastic and has broken two of the three clubs.  Thankfully, not ON anything.)

I couldn't figure out how to cut these down, so the end on one is nothing special.  Anywho, watch how he tries to wait and swing when the golfers on TV do so.  He does that with us when we play the Wii.  So cute!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Up To Speed With This Blogging Slacker

Just thought I'd get y'all (all of 6 readers, prolly) caught up with our goings-on the past few weeks.

• Snow was awesome the weekend of Valentine's Day, complete with a visit from Grammy & Grandaddy.  Knox LOVES the snow and might love sledding down our little hills even more.

• I've been working on a few things for Cecily, and some things will soon be available via my Etsy Storefront so check out my Creative Blog for info when items will be listed

• Knox knows where Cecily is:  if focused, he'll lift my shirt and put his finger in my belly button

• Knox has his 5th or 6th ear infection.  His NP now thinks that he will need tubes due to the number of infections, his delayed/chopped speech (by chopped I mean he normally only says the first syllable of each word) and his off sense of balance.  We head back to the ENT on March 9th.

• Due to the infection, he's on a fourth type of antibiotics.  We're on type number four due to his rash/whelp reaction to other antibiotics.  His NP and an immunologist she consulted with believed his reaction to be associated with a red dye in the other antibiotics, and not the antibiotics themselves.  We thought we were in the clear with this one, a non-red dye antibiotic, but he started his rash/whelp reaction today.  Looks like a trip to the allergist, in addition to the ENT.

• I'll be 21 weeks on Monday (only 18 to go to C-section!!!), and we get to see Cecily again.  This would actually be the gender reveal if we hadn't already done so!  I COULD NOT have waited this long!  ;)

That's about it for now.  I'll leave you with a few more pics of our snow day!  Hope you have an amazing weekend!




Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just call me Momma-Can't-Wait

So I've been telling a few fibs since Saturday, and left out a little chunk of Saturday's events of celebrating my 30th birthday.  :)

I decided I couldn't wait until March 1st to find out Baby #2's gender, so I made an appointment at a local 3D/4D Ultrasound office (not linked to our doctor's office) for this past Saturday afternoon.  Keith and I went, while Knox napped under the supervision of our neighbors, and found out that our sweet second child is, in fact...
Since we've never been able to do anything fun revealing that we're pregnant or Knox's gender, due to distance between us and family/close friends, we wanted to do something fun to tell our parent's the gender of this baby.  It will be our last child, after all (two's our limit--man on man defense in this household--no zone!)  We hardly told anyone so we could get packages in the mail and to our parents before we told the whole world.  :)

Here are a few pics of what we put in the package to tell our parents:
 Knox holding a balloon similar to what we sent.  Keith thought I was crazy since I bought them the Thursday before we went for the ultrasound Saturday.

Balloon again.  My thought was that when they opened the package, the balloon would pop out.  Mylar balloons stay inflated forever--and apparently mail well too!
 The "balloon weight" was pink M&Ms in a favor bag and a favor topper I made to match the cards I sent with the package.

The card I sent... :)
We obviously would have been thrilled either way, but we are beyond excited and extremely blessed to have both a boy and a girl.  So let the pink buying begin for little Miss Cecily Blanche!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ready to Rock 30!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, and I got to "celebrate" today by hearing my second baby's heartbeat yet again.  What a glorious sound!

Pics of the current baby bump and the baby bump of Knox are on the left.  Baby's heartbeat is great, and I have actually LOST 4 pounds--back to pre-pregnancy weight.  The doc isn't too concerned since I just got over the stomach bug a week ago, and my eating habits are entirely different than they were when pregnant with Knox.

Of course, we celebrated my birthday in other ways as well.  Mexican food Friday night with our sweet neighbors, fancy dinner in Atlanta Saturday night sans Knox with surprise guests, Holly, my ATL BFF, and her hubby!!!  They brought me flowers and a card and we inhaled amazing food and desserts!  Yesterday was a lazy day, and I didn't even cook dinner last night as all three of us ate something that didn't agree with our tummies--but we did manage to "force" down a piece of chocolate ice cream cake Keith and Knox got for me.  I received many wonderful cards (one of which was from BOTH of my children :), several texts and phone calls, and Facebook birthday wishes that would make anybody feel so special on such a special day.  Honestly, I thought turning 30 would be a tiny bit difficult, but it's really not.  I'm just so thankful everyday, and every year, that God lets me be apart of this world, and that he has blessed me with so many amazing people and things in this life of mine.

Happy Monday and Happy February, y'all!