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Friday, January 30, 2009

Poor Baby, Chapter 2

Last night, as I was getting Knox ready for bed, I noticed that his elbow and thighs seemed to be a bit "textured" so I thought he had some extremely dry skin.  I greased him down with lotion and put him to bed.  He slept well until about 5:15.  We let him cry for awhile, hoping he would go back to sleep like he normally does.

Well, he didn't.  I changed his diaper in the dark, and laid down with him in his bed hoping he would drift back to sleep.  That didn't work either.  When we finally got to the point of getting dressed for the day, I got a little surprise.  His "dry" skin was a new rash that predominately covered his checks, one ear, arms and thighs.  Great.  I already knew this warranted another trip to the doctor, and the gym clothes I just put on would not be put to proper use.

We got in right away, and actually saw the MD, or whatever his professional initials are.  He confirmed what I already suspected--Knox was also allergic to antibiotic #2, Omnicef.  This rash was more bumpy/pimply-er, as to the more blotchy rash he developed Monday with the penicillin-form antibiotic.  Good news was that he deemed his ear infection clear, so there was no need to progress to antibiotic #3.  Bad news is that we don't know what antibiotic his sweet little body will play nice with.  Doctor did prescribe a stronger form of Benedryll (sp?) for the itchiness.  I guess the Omnicef just has to work its way out of his body before the rash goes away, but it steadily got worse throughout the day.  Having said that, he was significantly "happier" today than the past two days.  No real tantrums until this evening, and I know his little body is just worn out.  Check out the poor baby's pictures below.

On a side note, I would like to say YAY to Jayma and BJ!  I reported previously that they are expecting, and were expecting a boy.  Well, we stand corrected.  Jayma had her official 18 week ultrasound and found that Baby Bowling is, indeed, a GIRL! :)

His poor little legs were the worst!

His ears were the things that got significantly worse throughout the day.

Still a silly boy despite the itchies

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poor Baby

This post is "dedicated" to my Aunt Anna Virginia (Jenny), since she emailed me to tell me that she could only look at my organized closets for so long.  :)

Well, since I posted last Knox has had a rough week and a half.  I've reported that he's been teething his molars, which is now confirmed by his doctor.  We had to see the doctor because he was being extra ornery last Wednesday & Thursday.  His temperature Thursday night and Friday morning was 103--he's never had a fever that high, but I chalked it up to his teeth and gave him Motrin.  My Mom & Dad were coming in Friday to help me celebrate my upcoming birthday, and Mom said I should take him into the doctor just in case something else was going on.  They got to our house just in time for Mom to accompany me to the Dr.  Once there she confirmed my teething theory, and added a twist.  Knox had his first ear infection.  Fab.  We get his antibiotics, ear drops and more Motrin to help the poor baby out.  Almost instantly the meds took ahold, and started acting like he was feeling a little bit better since he and Big Daddy were playing some mean games of "I'm gonna get you." :)  I love having my parents come visit--and not just because they entertain their grandson. :)

Sunday night, as Keith and I were getting Knox ready for bed, I noticed a rash of sorts on his back.  He wasn't itching or anything, and I thought it might be the new pajamas Ma Jack got him from Target irritating him since I hadn't washed them before he wore them.  He slept wonderfully, so I thought nothing much of it until I was getting him ready Monday morning.  His rash had spread to his neck, chest and around his face.  Once we got to the gym, I had to check his diaper and the rash went all the way to his bottom.  So I call the doctor again and get worked in for an hour later.  Before I called the doctor, I called Mom to see how Christopher reacted when they realize he was allergic to penicillin.  Apparently different kids react a little differently, but he had whelps and Knox had a rash.  So the doctor said Knox was indeed allergic to penicillin and the related family of antibiotics.  Here we go back to the pharmacy to fill another prescription.  Later Monday, Daddy brings Knox to the office, which I don't do, because there are too many things he can get into and hurt himself.  Hurt himself, he did, as he wobbled face first into a piece of wood I had out for a current project.  Two big cuts, one on his left check and one of his chin, appeared.  Fab again.

Tuesday morning I give him his medicine, which he hates the taste of.  No wonder the pharmacy asked if I wanted it flavored, but at $3 extra, I had to pass.  We hadn't budgeted for two trips to the doctor and three prescriptions within 4 days.  BUT as long as he's well, we really don't care.  When Daddy got home, he and Knox headed out for some playtime.  By the time they got in about 15-20 minutes later, Knox had a matching "battle wound" on this right cheek.  Knox and the patio concrete got into a "disagreement".  Funny how blood is drawn when Knox is with Daddy, and not Mommy. Hmmm?  Poor baby.

Ma Jack, Wild Man & Big Daddy

"Walking" Chloe--Notice her unwillingness to cooperate

Handsome Hubby

My men

Epitome of a rough and tumble little boy

Big Daddy's idea of letting him push himself in the swing-haha!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Photographic Evidence of Progress

Thought I'd share my evidence of progress in becoming a better me.  Our bathroom closet received it's make over today--what a fun Saturday I had, huh?

The bible my late Aunt Carol Ann and her husband, John, gave to Keith and I when we were married.

A clean sink--thanks for the inspiration Laura Beth!

The  bathroom closet--can you tell I love those one type of bins?

Of course he has to un-organize...

This is what Daddy & Knox did while I worked on the closet--notice he is STANDING on the couch.
Bad Daddy AND Bad Knox.

He has learned to lift his leg over his horse and other riding toys.  He can now also push himself on the riding toys--such a big boy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Things for the New Year

I didn't want to make a list of New Year's resolutions, just to watch them slowly be forgotten.  So my resolution was simply to become a better person.  Not just in general, but in several aspects of my life.  Thankfully these changes in behavior have affected the whole Rogers household.  We're getting healthy, organized and reconnecting to God.

Keith and I have always agreed that we thought Knox needs to be involved with other kids to socialize, but our attempts at the gym's daycare were hit and miss the few times we attempted.  The two birds with one stone here, is that while Knox is "socializing", mommy can work of some, um, fluff.  So with determination, and a little prayer, Knox and I set off to the gym last Monday.  The first day the workers got me from my work out twice in 15 minutes.  The next day once in almost 20 minutes.  Wednesday through Saturday got better each day, but he still had one worker he clung to the entire 50 minutes I was sweating away.  This Monday (we skipped Sunday, and for a good reason), he reverted back a little and he only tolerated about 30 minutes, but again, everyday this week he has gotten better.  Yesterday I walked in and they had him COLORING!  He was stationary with a piece of paper in front of him and crayon in hand!!!  I about fell out.  I almost fell out again this morning when I checked him in, and he went straight to the worker, I told him bye-bye and that I loved him, AND NO PEEP, CRY OR SCREAM!!!  Whoohoo!!!  He had cried when I left him EVERYDAY, but not today!  Let's see how long that keeps up.  Hopefully, for good.  Meanwhile I'm feeling better about myself since I'm working out 6 days a week.  Nothing like having a one year old hold you accountable for working out, when they don't even realize it.

My other sub-resolution was the get the house re-organized.  I did great getting it organized while I was pregnant with Knox, but since his arrival, things haven't stayed that way.  I've bought more bins (which are not the cheapest things, by the way).  You can now open the pantry without things blocking the doors.  The bathroom closet is next--the bins are bought, just have to find time to sit and organize.  You almost have to be organized with you stockpile with sale/coupon shopping.  If you buy multiples of something, and then can't find it, you often buy more of what you already have, which defeats the purpose of couponing in the first place.  So, slowly, but surely, the mess that's hidden behind doors is getting it own place--which isn't the bottom of the closet.

Our skip day at the gym was due to a first visit at a new church.  YAY!  Both Keith and I enjoyed the service and the minister.  We went to the 8:30 service because all three of us had been up since about 5:30 (we believe Knox is trying to get his one year molars in).  The majority were older people in the smaller congregation, which is to be expected at the early service.  It worked for the best for the time being since Knox was one of two in the nursery, which he did quite well in (there was two workers, so they held him half the time I think).  Plus nap time has been moved to about 11 or noon, and I don't think the nursery workers would appreciate a cranky teething one year old for the 11:00 service.  I think we might try to get involved in a Sunday school class to meet other people/couples our age.  We've already decided to add tithing into our bi-weekly budget.  I've already bought canned goods, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. (all bought on sale and with coupons with our bi-weekly grocery budget,  I might add) to donate to the church as well.  We're ready to find a church were we feel that we belong, and hopefully we're one step closer.

Pretty good start to the new year, don't ya think? :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wedded Bliss

I wanted to take time to say, for the world to see, "Happy Anniversary, Babe!"

Today, four years ago, Keith and I started our legal journey to wedded bliss. We got hitched at the JOP, Justice of the Peace. Since I still wanted some form of tradition to our legal vows, I wore a white blouse that I didn't let him see until we were about to say our vows. Cheesy, I know. Some new readers may ask why I'm talking about "legal' vows. Keith and were married twice, once legally and once for ceremony/celebration. We still mark both anniversaries each year, January 7th and October 8th. (We were engaged on November 6th, so the dates can get confusing.) No anniversary gifts will be exchanged this year due to an attempt at staying on track with the Dave Ramsey plan. It is also due to the fact that I have lost my laptop power cord, ordered a new one, had it overnighted to find out it was the WRONG CORD. Since, we have ordered the correct cord, but the expedited shipping will only have it here by Friday AT THE EARLIEST--that doesn't seem very expedited to me.

Anywho, I digress, as usual. I'm looking forward to our ususal anniversary steak dinner, to another new year of partnership and to spending the rest of my life with my wonderful husband.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger

So I have no excuse for not blogging recently, other than the fact that I'm outta my frickin' mind. But what's new?

We had a fabulous Christmas running all over the place for about a week solid. We managed to get two and a half solid days in before heading back out to the Blue Ridge Mountains for a New Year's Eve vacation with some of my best friends from high school, minus Tiff and her family (Norah is only two months old--we all know that schedule!).

During my blogging hiatus (sp?), Knox, along with Keith and myself, had mucho fun with family and friends. We didn't get to see all of our BFFs, but someday soon we will. We also received many fabulous presents that we can't begin to express our gratitude for--all of mine added up to a most wonderful embroidery machine. You will more than likely receive a gift of some form of monograming in the near future. I could sit and stare all day long--work, what's work???

Our trip to the mountains was great. Keith got to tinker with nature photography with his brand new fancy camera (that I also claim as my own). I got to spend some quality time with two BFFs from high school, since Jayma was on "bed rest" from her cerclage (sp?). The cabin was peaceful and the beds oh so comfy, so sitting around all day and taking naps was a dream! Oh, and now Clark may be Clarke--latest sonographer said she thought it was a GIRL, NOT A BOY!!! Oh well, if that's the worst of our worries, I'll take it! :) Jayma still likes the name Clarke for a girl, and I think it ROCKS!!!

The only down side to our stay in the mountains was Knox's ability to acquire a black eye on the last day there--he must have gotten that from me. He decided to whine (what's new?), threw his head back while continuing to walk--and SMACK into the tree shaped table. At first, I didn't pay him close attention. He's always running into things and ALWAYS WHINING! Once myself and Alba actually looked at Knox, blood was all over his right eye. So much so that we thought he cut his eyeball! Once we kind of cleaned it up, we were relieved to see that it was only a small cut above his eye, on the brow bone. Small, but probably deep enough to leave a small scar. Once the adrenaline of the shock of blood hit, I felt a little light headed. I can't start feeling like that--no telling what the wild man will get into in years to come! It is now nice and blue--you would almost think the wild man is wearing eyeshadow since the black eye is solely on the eyelid. Below are a few pics of the shiner. They would be ones of the best photos I've taken of him, if not for the BLACK EYE! :)