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Saturday, December 20, 2008

First Haircut

We loaded up the entire family (Mommy, Daddy, Ma Jack and Big Daddy) to accompany Knox on his first haircut.  I was thrilled to have Diane, a close family friend who gave me my very first haircut, do the honors of first snips!  Thankfully, he was such a good boy with the help of some toys Diane brought and a little snack of graham crackers.  We kept a few locks to put in his baby book, which desperately needs an update.  Sweet baby boy no longer has his little "rat tail" that was beginning to form and his baby mullet looks much more like little boy hair--no more party in the back! :)  It blends more with the short hair on top.  So other than that, it was relatively calm.  Enjoy the few pics!  Didn't Keith do a great job?

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm a proud Auntie-To-Be!

My sweet BFF, Jayma, found out today at an amazing 12 weeks, that she will be having a sweet baby boy on or around June 30th!!!  I can't wait for Clark to get here--Knox is so ready for his Auntie Jay and Uncle Beej to be parents to his future BEST FRIEND!  We can't wait to hug on the belly in the Blue Ridge Mountains!  Beebee--take good care of Jay next week!  We know you will! :)  We love you guys--AND CLARK!  Let the monogramming begin!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Tis the season to be...scared?

I know.  Weird title, but quite hilarious once you scroll down.  I found this link on Caroline's, my sorority sister, blog.  I laughed out loud so many times, I had to share my favorites.  Enjoy!

This kid's backwards glance...

"If I can't see him, then he's not there."

This kid's face, and the fact that  I've never seen a "Soul" Santa.

Title of card is ELF-explanatory (I crack myself up!)

I love that the kid is looking at it's retarded mother, like she's just that.

I'd have the same expression on my face, if I was being touched by this creepy Santa.

You can tell this Santa is ready to throw in the towel.

I've laughed out loud every time I've looked at this picture.  Notice Mom isn't even holding the boy up--that's how scared he is!  Santa's face is quite humorous as well.

I just love this kid's outfit.

This baby is looking at it's brother like she's scared of him instead of Santa.

Love this kid's creative mother or father.  Funny.

Santa has my attention here.  I wonder if it's the eggnog or the kids that's made his eyes look that way?

This poor kid's jacket in the front is like an elf gone bad, and her brother looks like he's scared to be seen with her.  Santa can barely be seen with all the kids in front of him.

It's not even a full size Santa!  Looks similar to the ones Momma, Carol and Jenny had growing up.

I guess you have to laugh when you have three screaming kids in your lap.  Or maybe he's been sharing eggnog with the Santa from a few pictures up.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm in love...

with a camera!  

Keith is an up and coming photographer (if you've ever been to our house, the pictures in Knox's bathroom were taken by him), so he decided to purchase a nice SLR camera with money he will be receiving at Christmas.  I was supporting his decision 110%!  I love that we now have a hobby we can do together, and share knowledge of how to take better photographs--and now I can be IN more photos! ;)

So we ordered the Canon 40D, that came with a 28-135mm lens, and ordered an additional 50mm, 1.8f lens (after doing some serious homework about what type we wanted--thank you Tracy) so that we could take some fabulous pictures of Knox's second Christmas.  We both were so excited the night we ordered it, we both had dreams of using our new camera!  I know, we're both crazy!  So, the camera was delivered today to Fresh.  Keith was going to use it for their holiday lunch, but after checking it out, realized he didn't know where the memory card went nor had time to figure out how to even take a picture.  I had the privilege to take Keith the old PowerShot, and I got my sticky paws on the fabulous new camera!  Torture was waiting on the battery to charge, but I got a little reading done on where all my settings were.  (P.S.  We found out through Holly, who also has a SLR, that we needed a different size memory card, so Knox and I went to Sam's with no luck, then to BrandSmart where we lucked up!)

So check out a few of my faves from our "learning" session!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa Baby!

Knox got to meet Santa for the very first time today, and he was much better than I expected.  As a young girl, I was notorious for being scared of anything out of the ordinary--Santa, Billy Bob at ShowBiz (Chuck E. Cheese for you young-uns), roller coaster, etc.  I know LOVE all of the previously mentioned, so go figure.  I thought little wild man would follow in his mommy's footsteps, but thankfully, he proved to be a brave boy!

We first saw Santa outside the "Santa Suite", and he just stared a bit.  Once inside, we chatted a bit more with Hoho, and I could feel his little hand grab the back of my arm a little tighter.  We gave Santa a high five and moved over to his chair.  Mommy sat next to Santa, while still holding Knox.  The pictures the woman took while I was sitting there looked like I was about to knock Santa out of his own chair!  I then moved over to the stool next to Santa's chair with Knox still making sure I wasn't going anywhere while Santa took out a book to share.  Mommy proceeded to tickle Knox's belly to get a few smiles out of him, then progressed to "touchdown" in order to back away and keep wild man engaged in a happy state.  Santa looked great, but didn't smile quite so much, so the picture of both Santa & Knox looking at the camera looked alright, but I really like this one of them looking at each other.  I wish I could have pulled Knox's britches down a little better--the poor think looks like he's wearing shorts with his penny-loafers and you can barely see his red socks!  Oh well, we had a great first time visiting with Santa!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Knox (One Day Late!)

Knox had an amazing first birthday!  We had a fantastic birthday party with wonderful family and friends, though we missed Grammy & Grandaddy, who weren't able to make it.  The party was puppy dog themed from the invites to the decorations and the cake.  

I made Knox a sign for outside in the shape of a dog bone that read, "Happy 1st Birthday Knox" completed with a bunch of balloons.  The center piece was a dog bowl full of tennis balls and smaller signs that read "Knox" and "1".  All food was served out of dog bowls (new and never used, obviously).  I made party hats out of felt for the adults and doggy ears out of felt for the kiddos.  Food included veggie pizza, kiwi & pear salad with banana smoothie dip, sausage balls to resemble dog food, bread sticks tied to resemble dog bones and pineapple cream cheese dip with crackers.  We had one large cake flanked by four smaller cakes to resemble a puppy paw.  Knox didn't dig into the cake as much as I thought he would, but I still think he enjoyed the sugar.  :)  Opening presents was more like playing with presents as Mommy opened them.  Everyone was so generous and Knox loves all of his gifts.  The party came to end with handing out favors in the form of "doggy bags" full of dog bone shaped cookies, cups with puppy paws and names, and small containers of Play-doh for the kids.  Check out a few pics of the festivities below.

I can't believe it's been a year since our crazy hospital visit that resulted in the birth of our amazing baby boy.  Well, he's actually classified as a toddler now.  I can't believe that either.  He has been such a wonderful blessing in our lives--he has made me a better person and watching him grow everyday is truly a gift.

While I'm talking about birth and a child, I want to stop a second to share this website with you, which I found on a sorority sister's blog.  The Compassionate Friends is asking people who know someone who has lost a child at any age for any reason to light a candle on December 14th at 7:00pm (your local time) in remembrance of that child.  I'll be lighting one for Katherine Nix Bowling--I love you, Jayma.  As we remember your sweet angel Katherine, we'll be looking forward to the bright life and future of Baby Bowling you now carry with you.

The centerpiece

The puppy print cake

Knox wearing the doggy ears

The grown-up kids in the hats I made

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A bit under the weather...

...may have been a slight understatement in how us Lamm-Rogers have been feeling--hence the lack in posts.  Well not all Lamm-Rogers, just Keith and I specifically.  We had a joint doctor's visit last night at 8:00pm, with wild man in tow, making for a more complicated visit since he wants to be into everything.

The sickness started over Thanksgiving so I have no fun family photos to post, because I was so sick and I didn't even feel like getting the camera out!  BOO!  Now the sickness is making me not want to finish all of my projects for Knox's birthday.  What a fine time to get sick--the weeks leading to your first child's first birthday party.  Fabulous.  BUT WE WILL PREVAIL!!!  :)  I don't feel so "bad" other than the ache that is my left sinus under my cheekbone, which continues it's wrath to my top teeth making chewing a difficult task.  Oh, don't worry.  I still manage to shove food into my mouth, just like I did during Turkey Day.  I couldn't taste a dern thing, but I still ate it because it was Thanksgiving and I HAD to have turkey and dressing.  Anywho, I digress as usual.

Daddy and I will get things finished so Knox will have a wonderful first birthday party, and what doesn't get accomplished no one else will know the difference. :)