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Monday, June 7, 2010

Month 8 Down--one more to go!

So, I didn't get around to doing more than one post last month.  Sorry!  We're on the downhill end of yet ANOTHER cold--this one being the worst I've had.  Coughing all through the night, and little sleep for the past 5 nights.  Not. Fun.

Anywho, I've taken my 8 month pic about a week late again.  This is the last Knox comparison pic I have--didn't think to take one at the end.  :(  Oh well, I was huge-antical.   Today is week 35, and we scheduled Cecily's birth date:  JULY 5th!  That's in four weeks from today and I got the doctor I requested to do the C-section (he's not even on call, but "made time" for me)!  Wish I could kick this cold to get a few more things made for her before she gets here.  Total weight gain for me is currently at 21!  Totally in the doctor recommended frame, and if I keep up what I did the past two weeks (2 lbs in 2 weeks--exact amount I'm supposed to gain here at the end!!!), I should only be at 25 total pounds!  That is HALF OF THE WEIGHT I gained with Knox.  Crazy, but I'll take it!  :)  Insane difference in each pregnancy!

So without further delay, I give you the gigantic pregnancy pics:

You can't really tell from the Knox pic, but my belly was REALLY low and football shaped.  With Ceci, I'm definitely more "out there" (as my parents would say :)  and round.

I do have nursery pics, and will post...sometime.  :)  Happy Monday!

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  1. Awww.... You are looking great, Momma! Doesn't the second one go by so quickly? I hope you get to feeling better!