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Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's been awhile

I haven't written in awhile due to the frenzy of life that has been occurring around me.  In addition to the craziness, my energy level is sub-par due to my lack of exercise in the past two months, but hopefully I'm on my way to remedy that situation.

So, let me back up a bit.  The date of my last blog turned out to be the start of an incredibly sad weekend.  My very best friend Jayma and her husband, BJ, lost their sweet baby girl, Katherine Nix Bowling, at 20 weeks of pregnancy.  Needless to say, it broke my heart, even more so because there was nothing I could do or say to take their hurt away.  I still pray every night that God can ease their pain.

After taking a moment to pause and say a prayer for Katherine, I'd like to share Knox's latest crazy antics.  Not only is he crawling EVERYWHERE, he also is constantly pulling up on EVERYTHING which he's done as long as he's been crawling. 
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that I am constantly chasing the little booger around since he despises his "corral gate" I got him, in hopes of keeping him occupied while I work.  Knox loves crawling over and under things.  Mommy and Daddy's bodies are the preferred jungle gym, while his exersaucer and our friend's legs are the favorite bridges to go under (the legs he went under were also playing the Wii at the time--guess he's fearless!)  He is also getting more and more brave--letting go of the couch when standing and slowly starting to cruise.  I about flipped today when I looked towards the stairs and my Monkey had both knees on the first step!!!  So I guess we have to use the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs now.

Along with all his advanced motor skills, he's been cracking me up with how he's starting to become a little boy, not a baby.  He now has a "fake" smile if he wants something we have--especically food.  The exact opposite of that is when he's crawling after me wherever I go as he "fake" cries.  It's more a whine, then when he sees me look at him, he 
squints his little eyes like he's crying.  Little toot head.  Knox still does't have any teeth, and I think sitting and watching Mommy and Daddy eat drive him crazy.  Hence the fact he's trying to sweeten us up with this fake smile so we might give him a small smickling.  I can't believe I almost forgot my most favorite new Knox antic--the open mouth, drooly kisses to the face that are sometimes accompanied with a little lick and/or open mouth raspberry.  They are the sweetest kisses EVER and he normally gives them during cuddles and after being told that we love him!

OH and we had a most fabulous time at the beach with my family.  Anytime spent with my family is much welcomed, and being on the beach was twice as nice.  We were even able to spend more time with Brother's sweet girlfriend, who(m) none of us had been able to spend more than a few hours with.  

So, Knox loved the pool and played with everyone until he wore himself out and slept in his stroller (Big Daddy had the pleasure of pushing him around the pool until the eyes finally closed).  The beach was kind of another story.  He didn't know what to think of the sand when he first got to feel it and of course immediately tried to eat it.  We got the "eww what was that" face and never tried to eat it again.  That was until his not-so-smart Daddy thought he would sit still for more that two seconds on the beach chair.  Not so much.  
He did a direct face plant in the sand, getting the sand in his eyes, nose and mouth.  It took some time to console him, and, of course, his Mommy was the only one that would do.  We sat where the waves broke on the shoreline, and he was still not so sure about the ocean.
  Knox was getting warmed up to the new water, when a nice big wave came and half-way knocked us down.  Back to square one.  Once we got out a ways to the nice rolling waves, he was much happier since the only water that was in his face was due to his own splashing and playing.  Whew!

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