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Monday, July 28, 2008

We've officially started teething!

At 8 months, Knox has FINALLY started teething!  He hasn't been overly fussy lately, so the process hasn't been too terrible.  I've been suspecting that he had two swollen places on his lower gums, but nothing to confirm--until today.

I was changing a "dirty", when I noticed him being exceptionally fussy for a normal diaper change.  He had even reached for his burp cloth, clenching it in his gums like he was uncomfortable.  So, after cleaning my hands--of course, I reached in and ta-da!  There was the jagged end of his first tooth.  His bottom front-left, to be exact.  I immediately called Keith, followed by both grandmothers.

From the way I'm acting, you would think he's the only child to have ever cut a tooth.  Keith's so laid back about it saying, "oh, really?!" when I called.  I, on the other hand, am asking myself, "I wonder if we should have a party?"  Just shows our Type B & Type A personalities, respectively. :)


  1. Definitely have a tooth party!! I will bring the spinach dip! YAY Knox has a tooth!

  2. Well now Knox can start enjoying the culinary treats that his Mommie will create for him. Just remember to keep all hands and arms away from his mouth since they are very tasty too. Hey, this is my very first blog comment!

    Love you all,
    Anna Virginia