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Friday, June 12, 2009

Mucho Fabuloso

So here's a few random fabulous things that are happening and will happen over the weekend...

First thing's first.  Knox had his 18 month check up yesterday, and is healthy as a horse.  A whopping 29 1/2 pounds heavy, and a tall 33 3/4 inches long.  As of yesterday, he still hasn't said his first word yet.  Michelle, his NP, still isn't too concerned since Knox is able to communicate without using words.  (Turns his hands up like he's
 asking a question when I ask him where something is, etc.)  Well last night I SWORE he quacked at his duck when I asked him to find it in the tub, which he always picks right up.  This morning when he was eating his applesauce, I asked if he wanted some cheese, he looked at me and said clear as a bell "cheese?"  So I think it was clear as a bell, but he wouldn't say it again.  30 minutes later I asked him if he wanted to watch Jay Jay The Airplane, and again so clear he said "Jay Jay" and has said something similar to "Jay Jay" three other times I've said it.  Of course, I called my parents crazy when, over a month ago, they SWORE Knox said about 3 different words with them.  We'll see if he continues to do this, what I think is talking!

Another great thing is that our back porch garden is doing wonderfully.  We just picked our first zucchini and about two handfuls of green beans.  There are tons of squash, cucumbers and tomato blooms, so we'll have tons of veggies in the next month or so.  Check out the "before" and "after photos below.  Before pics were just taken on May 2nd and the after pics were taken today, just about 5 weeks later!

You can't tell how tall the tomato plants are but one is almost a foot taller than the cage.  I have one Better Boy plant and one Sweet One Hundred.  The smaller plant in the green pot is a pepper plant, but I thought it was the Sweet One Hundred.  I can tell better now that the little blooms are popping out!

Fab thing number three:  Keith is finally home from a four day out-of-town business trip.  While away, we sweetly set up a massage for my BFF Holly and I to enjoy.  We're going to have some great girl time tomorrow getting pampered at the spa, following it up with a great lunch somewhere.  The later is still to be determined!  :)

Last, but definitely not least:  Knox and I get to go meet Molly on Sunday!!!  On top of meeting/loving on Molly and getting to see her amazing parents, we also get to spend some time with Tutu and LindseyToo!  We'll be invading Lindsey's apartment, an invitation that she graciously offered, since they live only 45 minutes from Jayma & BJ.

Hope your weekend will be as equally fabulous as mine will be!


  1. UM,YAAAAAAY KNOX!!!! I tell you, he's just been taking it all in and he's gonna leterrip with the talking now :) You should start a list of his words with dates so that you have a record of how fast it is ;) I'm VERY impressed with your garden, I can't grow anything!

  2. AWESOME KNOX!!! That is amazing!!!
    Question Ashley?? since you are obviously such a great gardener...(did i spell that right?ha) What is something that I can plant in a pot that is shaded for most of the day that will stay there all year long with very little maintenence? (I do NOT have a green I want as little fuss as possible!) ha! your garden looks great!

  3. Thanks, guys! Adair, shade is hard and I'm not sure of anything that will stay prime in shade year-round. Also, anything that is planted in a pot will need somewhat regular waterings. (Less soil to hold water.)

    Best bet would be a pot of both creeping jenny (for the perimeter of the pot--it trails over the edge) and for center of the pot caladiums (colorful greenery that lasts from early summer until frost) or impatients (flowers available in many colors that will last from late spring until frost). Use a great potting soil with fertilizer already added, and just water every two days (everyday for the really hot days).

    If you have a fence or trellis that needs some year round greenery, go for a Carolina Jasmine. Beautiful, fragrant yellow flowers in the spring and year round greenery that grows every year, though not invasive (and no watering needed after it gets established the first year.)

    Just experiment (AND READ THE TAGS IN THE PLANTS AT THE NURSERY!) and have fun! You might learn more tips & tricks from people who work at a nursery than those who work at a place like Home Depot.