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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Space Between...

is what's driving me insane! Well, not literally, but almost.

Today is only the second of four days that Keith is on a business trip. Knox, thankfully, attends "school" for four hours, four days a week. If I didn't have this time to get work done, grocery shop and just regain mental strength, I don't know what I'd do.  It's not that Knox is terrible, though he can throw a pretty mean tantrum, it's just the mental stress of being a temporary single-mom.  All you single moms out there get some major props--you are all very strong women and must have amazing support groups around you to raise a child on your own.  It's just so hard when ALL of your family is four to four and a half hours away, and your friends that live the closest are 30 minutes away, others being an hour or more away. On top of that, the only people we trust with Knox (to babysit) are our amazing next door neighbors who won't let us pay them, so we don't want to take advantage of them by asking too much from them. We've visited churches in search of a Christian community were we feel we belong, but the only one that we felt welcomed at is 30 minutes away--even 45 minutes during the weekday due to commuter traffic. It gets frustrating when you know a place of worship is were you want to be, but don't feel totally welcome when you're there. And if you don't feel welcome there, you don't feel comfortable exploring groups where you could potentially meet new friends--especially if you can't even find if and when the small groups meet...

So basically, it's just been Knox and I for almost 48 hours (he, luckily gets a reprieve from me by seeing "school" mates and teachers.) Only about 48 more to go...

Maybe Molly will come tomorrow, to at least break up my monotony. Oh! Noah Clark Moss, one of the tickers on the right hand side, made his debut today. From what I hear, he was breach at Cacey's appointment yesterday, so they scheduled a C-section for today at noon! He weighs a healthy 7lbs 10oz! Congrats to my SATL!


  1. Hang in there momma! I will do my best to get Miss Molly here tomorrow but don't hold your breath! Because we are all SO ready she is going to take her sweet time.

  2. sending big hugs from Chattaboogie!! I love you girl!

  3. hey Ashley, I am just now catching up on your blog. Please know you are still welcome to visit our church, though it is, of course, one that is probably a good 30 minutes away. Sad. And, Ada and I are always up for hanging out, though she may be napping by the time Knox gets done with mother's day out. Is there somewhere that is in between your house and mine that would be good for hanging out?