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Friday, December 4, 2009

Big Birthday Weekend

We're gearing up for Knox's SECOND birthday party!  Second party for turning two!  The men of the group will have eyes glued to the TV--I thought I had cleverly planned the party to end right in time for the SEC Championship kickoff, as it worked out last year.  Unfortunately, after invites were sent, we found out that kick off was right during the party.  Why put the #1 and #2 ranked teams for a day slot anyway?  OH well, the kiddies won't mind--they'll be having fun regardless!

While we're gearing up for the big celebration, I wanted to make a list of words Knox is saying now on a regular basis--in case we're asked at his two year check up.  And just so you know, I'm spelling as it sounds coming from him:
mama:  unfortunately not used to refer to me, but instead cows and Elmo
uh-oh:  self explanatory
shu:  shoe
E-E:  puppy, for puppy food, but won't call the dogs that
bayball:  baseball, my child can already play baseball on the Wii--sad or stellar?
haut:  hot
nummy nummy:  yummy--often says when he sees cookies in stores or in the drive thru
choo-choo:  for any train or to watch Thomas the Train, normally accompanies with an imaginary tug for the train whistle
juce:  juice
*Just thought of two more:
all gah:  all gone
tha i is:  there it/he is
ca:  car--this is new one as of today!!!

There may be a few others that I just can't think of right now.  I know it's very limited for a two year old, but he saying a few more slowly but surely.  Some words he's said once or twice include bug (as in bug juice--sugar water packaged with coloring), horse, ice, match point (I know this one seems crazy, but he repeated it after the Wii tennis game!)

He understands more than what he lets us hear him say.  He signs please, thank you, more, eat and milk, but you usually have to get him to quit whining with his hand stuck out, and ask him point blank what he wants.  He also can do all the hand movements to Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  He knows where all of his body parts are and can point mommy and daddy's too.  He listens very well at school and almost as well at home.  :)  He's getting very good at helping pick up his toys when asked.  Oh and he LOVES all things cleaning--did NOT get that from his momma.  :)  I got him a toy broom that he carries everywhere and is obsessed with the vacuum when it's out of the closet.  We think he played with our steam cleaner so much that it doesn't work like it's supposed to anymore.  Hopefully this continues, and he can help really clean soon!

What else--oh, he loves putting together his little wooden puzzle with animals on it.  It's kinda like a matching puzzle--animal picture in space for piece and also on the piece with little knob handles on the pieces--does that make sense?  He does it all by himself and almost always gets it right the first time.  Speaking of animals, which he adores, the animal noises he makes are moo moo for cow, grrr for bear, meow for cat, ss-ss for snake, zzzz for bee, doo doo for rooster (as in cocka doodle doo :), and gobble gobble for turkey.

We're very familiar with time out.  You almost have to be with a temper like our Wild Man's.  :)  We just tell him he needs to go sit in the corner (a dining room chair in the corner of the dining room), and he just goes and sits (and whines a bit too).  We remind him there is no crying or whining in the corner, that he needs to think about what he was doing to get him there.  We never leave him there for long since once he gets quite and calm he just sits there.  We go over and explain to him what he did wrong and what we expect of him and then ask him to say, "Yes, ma'am (or sir)" when we ask him if he understands.  Right now our response is a head down movement for yes and a mouth that moves with no sound.  (I think that comes from me pointing to my mouth and telling him to SAY, "Yes, ma'am."  Normally he just points at his mouth and smiles when I point at my mouth asking him to talk.)  We save pops on the leg for when he does something dangerous or has fits in excess.

And last, but not least, my most favorite thing about Knox right now is how affectionate he is.  He is totally a rough and tumble little boy--chasing the dogs, trying to sit on them, running into the couch full speed, walking on everything in his way and doing "down, set, hike" in the hallway.  But in the midst of it all, he stops to give fabulous bear hugs and kisses, and kisses are now followed with a big MUAH!  Even his teachers at school say that he gives the best hugs!  And when he's winding down for nap time or bed time, he'll sometimes come over to me and crawl up in the chair with me to veg to some TV before turning in.  These are the days.  :)

That just turned into a rather long post.  I just wanted to make sure I'm documenting things going on in his life right now.  I have been horrible at keeping up with his baby book.  Anywho, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ashley, Ada and I had every intention of being at the party, but the pregnancy strikes again, and I have been very sick to my stomach for the past few days. I spent the entire afternoon in bed. I hope everything went well.