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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love Them So, To Let Them Go

Today was a very sad day for us.  We had to give our two sweet, loving dogs away.  :(

About a week ago, Knox was continuing his daily harassment of Lula and Chloe.  He chases them from couch to loveseat over and over again, and once he corners them, he wallows all over them.  I guess the dogs finally had enough.  One day Lula snapped at Knox, which only scared him for a bit but left no marks.  A day or two following that little incident, the one we thought would never harm a hair on Knox's head had her fill of rough housing.  Without a growl, she turned and bit Knox on the forehead.  One snap and she was done.  Unfortunately, instead of only scaring Knox, she actually left a mark.  I flipped.  No one was home with us at my parents, except my sleeping father.  Keith was 4 1/2 hours away.  I cleaned his little cut and applied some medicine.  Knox calmed down quite quickly, but he kept touching it--I know it was sore.  I called Keith, Mom and the vet.  Knox was fine and wouldn't need shots, and the wound would heal fine on it's own.  Actually, today it's barely noticeable.

Without much discussion, Keith and I knew we'd have to give our precious puppies away.  The only reason they behaved like they did is because our little rough-and-tumble little boy didn't know how to play gently with the dogs.  Once the other baby gets here, I can't eagle eye Knox while taking care of newborn to ensure it didn't happen again.  I know it is best that they find another home, but I can't help to be so sad that they won't be with us anymore.  They were mine and Keith's first "babies."  I've had my bouts of crying spells for the past few days (I know this is enhanced due to pregnancy hormones), and noticed I've distanced my self from them lately.  I guess it was fear of the separation.

I think we had favor on our side when we received a call this morning.  We desperately wanted to keep them together--the only dogs they like are each other and they love each other so.  We had other arrangements that fell through this morning, when a woman that lives with her mother and 14 year old son called.  They wanted one for the both of them-and they wanted lap dogs.  If our two aren't lap dogs, I don't know what dogs are.  :)  I went with Keith to meet their new owners, but couldn't bare to see them handed over.  Keith is really happy and at peace after meeting the ladies.  The grandmother was so excited, saying they were sleeping with her at night.  She already had Chloe rubbed silly, in her lap, with her head laid back on the grandmother and eyes half closed.

I know they will be nothing less than spoiled in their new home, but can't help to tear up because I had to give away my first "babies".  Mommy will always love you so.  :)


  1. So sorry Ash...just stopped by your blog and saw this post. I know its tough, but I think you did the right thing. Be strong!!!

  2. Oh Lamm, I am SO SORRY!!! I can't imagine! I know you would never come to this decision lightly, and I know you did what you had to. I'll be thinking of you hun.

  3. At least we know that Knox will be safe and our "first" children will have a good home where they will get the love and affection that they are accustomed to. You don't realize how much you miss them until they aren't laying on the couch, waiting at the backdoor to go potty, or standing next to the bath tub waiting for Knox to splash water on them.