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Monday, August 4, 2008

Kidz Klub and Jilly's Shower

Last Thursday, when Keith was working from home, wendecided to check out the Kidz Klub (daycare at the gym Keith uses) to see if it met my Mommy standards.  This is all in attempts to make sure I have no excuses to workout.  In addition, Keith and I thought it best that Knox started hanging out with other kiddos.  Everything looked great so Knox and I are now gym members again.

I went to pick him up on Friday, expecting to see him playing with the other kids.  I find him sitting with the two employees coloring.  Apparently, one employee sat him with the other children when they asked if Knox could play, but he turned and crawled after her.  Obviously, she had no objections to cuddling an 8 month old.  Oh well, he'll get the hang of playing with peeps his own age soon--I hope.

Saturday was Jill's shower in Chattanooga, hosted by her godmother Brenda, one of her Maid of Honors Meredith, and myself.  I, unfortunately, waited to do many things at the last minute so I as thankful to get everything completed.  All things turned out fabulously, which was extra fab since the other hostesses and I did all correspondence via email!  The table of food and drink was perfect, if I do say so myself!  We receive many compliments on how tasty the food was.  Jill had many guest come by (it was a come-and-go shower) and everyone was super sweet.  She also opened many fun and useful gifts.  One of her gifts was from all of the Lamms & Rogerses--her first set of china.  Jill was thrilled until she opened the box to find her very first piece a china, ateacup--her favorite, broken.  And it wasn't just cracked, it was smashed.  She was almost in tears!  But all was well once we discovered that not all pieces were damaged and the teacup can be replaced at no cost. 

In all the day of the shower was a success, followed by dress shopping for Jill's rehearsal dinner and my completion of calligraphy for the
 wedding invitations--at 1:00am.  I woke at 7:00am and started getting ready for my drive back home.  I was ready to see my men and thought that Daddy would be ready for Momma to get home since he and Knox and been together for so long without me.  Apparently, there had been no major mishaps.  They enjoyed a day at Buck-o-rama, swimming at Jeff & Bridgit's followed by dinner at Mellow Mushroom with Jeff & Bridgit.  Guess that means I can go galavanting more often. :)  Maybe.  I think I might have missed them more than they missed me.

The Bride-to-Be and her Mom, Jan
The cookies I made as favors
The Happy Couple

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