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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Muddy, but Fabulous, Memorial Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend celebrating our freedom and all of those who fought for it, with great friends and good food--despite the large quantities of rain we received.

We started our weekend off with our Annual Saturday Memorial Party, complete with a slip-n-slide for the kiddos!  They had a blast sliding away and making a mud pit, as us adults got ready to devour some delish boiled shrimp.  Some of the men even worked in a game of horseshoes between rain showers.  It was another successful and completely enjoyable year!

I was thrilled to make last minutes plans on Sunday to go see the Maddens and their new, beautiful home.  Knox and Willem enjoyed getting to play together for a second day in a row!  It's not many weekends I get to enjoy the company of close friends since hardly anyone lives near enough.

Monday we had plans with the Griggs, since they weren't able to make it to the Shrimp Boil on Saturday.  We had left the slip-n-slide out so the kiddos could have at it again.  Knox throughly enjoys it, to the point of managing to find himself back on it after he has been dried off and re-clothed about three times.  Ingrid's two oldest also had a fine time of playing in the mudpit at the end of the slide.  And Libby probably had the best time--while brothers were inside playing with the dog and Knox down for a nap, she got to play on the slip-n-slide in her birthday suit since the one she had was a tad too small.  Ha!  She loved it!

Even more last minute plans lead us to dinner at Carraba's (sp?) with our great friends, Bridgette and Jeff.  They had been out of town for over a week (on a cruise!) so we HAD to go see them!

So, I'm on a friend high right now!  AND on top of all of those friends, I get to see my family and BFFs this weekend for Ashley's wedding to Patrick.  I even get to see Brother, Lindsey and Lindsey's sister.  I'm excited to see Meghan, Lindsey's sis, because I have had the privilege to work on her wedding printables and a few other things, but we've never met!  We email back and forth like crazy, but that's it.  OH, and it may be the last time I get to see Jayma before Molly makes her grand entrance into the world!!!  YAY!!!


  1. Glad you guys had such a great weekend! I live the pics of Knox playing. He is such a cutie and growing into such a big boy! And yes I hope that this weekend is the last time you see me before Molly makes her entrance into the world!

  2. Glad to see you let that little man get down and dirty! Looks like so much fun! We've played in the mud a little, but that is serious!

  3. we were so sad to once again miss it. I was of course out of town this weekend for the dreaded root canal. Let's plan a play date soon!! Miss you!