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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Weekend in Flo-town

We had a most fantastic weekend back in Flo-town.  The main purpose of the trip home was for me to be a part of wedding nuptials for Cook, one of my BFFs from high school.  While home for that purpose, my brother came home and his fab girlfriend, Lindsey came to visit too.  Much fun was had, and helped me overcome my previously posted disappointment.  ;)

The Groom & Bride at Rehearsal

Keith & Me at the Reception

All of the "babies"--Molly will be here within the month!
Tiff & Norah, Jayma & Molly-In-The-Belly, Knox & me

Me, Cook (The Bride, obv) & Jay before the wedding

Water-time fun at Ma Jack & Big Daddy's

This must be a time-honored tradition--Daddy used to throw me down the waterslide when I was a wee little girl.  Knox loved it so much that he would jump right up after the slide down, and RUN back to Big Daddy to do it again!

He figured out how to push the gas on the car, but doesn't know to steer.  He gases it, and looks every which way but forward.  We had to run beside him and steer it for him every so often.  He even was looking under the hood--which he's never seen anyone do!  Must me born into boys.

Brother couldn't let Knox have all the fun.  Pool was a pirate ship, hence his feeble attempt at a pirate hook with his finger with a pirate grin.

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