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Monday, August 24, 2009

Small Home Renov Pics

Our house is beginning to look more polished and more fabulous each day! Here are a few pics of the latest changes: continued Pergo flooring in the living room (we just carried over the same of what was already down in half of the downstairs instead of ripping that up) and no more green cabinets. Now, I loved my John Deere green cabinets, but white just makes it more polished (even though I HATE almost all white in my kitchen--oh well!) :) I have brown curtains to replace the worn striped curtains over the sliding glass doors, and I think I'm going to paint the round table between the two chairs black.

We moved the TV to the center of the back wall and put the entertainment center in the corner to camouflage all the cords. We're also adding frosting film to the glass doors to hide cords inside the entertainment center as well.

I LOVE the beige and dark brown rug I found at for only $99! It's perfect for the space!



  1. it all looks great, Ashley.

  2. I LOVE your floors!! They look great! The cabinets are more practical too ;)