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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick Catch-Up

I know it has be AWHILE since my last update. I have good excuse though! My hobby side of my home business is booming, and I'm spending any spare moment filling orders. It's so incredibly exciting, especially to know that something that I concocted is in high demand. :) It's so consuming that I even dreamed I was making Collegiate-Inspired Pillowcase Dresses in my sleep last night! I'm so very blessed to be able to have my creative outlet, the means to do so, family that supports me and in the process make a few extra dollars. One lucky girl, I am.

However, I'm taking a pause in my day as hubs is of to hunt for the third time of the weekend, and Knox is amazingly still asleep for almost three hours! Just taking in some Bama football (which is re-diculous at this point--53 to 7? Come on, give poor North Texas a break! Haha!), noshing on some fresh homemade guacamole and washing it down with a ice cold adult beverage. Gosh, I love football Saturdays--especially when it rains and I'm in my cozy house. :)

Hope you have as fabulous of a weekend, as I am!

The Bama Collegiate-Inspired Pillowcase Dress, if you haven't seen it.
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Bama Inspired Monogram--Just got a more girly circular font that I'll add to my other blog soon!

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