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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Up To Speed With This Blogging Slacker

Just thought I'd get y'all (all of 6 readers, prolly) caught up with our goings-on the past few weeks.

• Snow was awesome the weekend of Valentine's Day, complete with a visit from Grammy & Grandaddy.  Knox LOVES the snow and might love sledding down our little hills even more.

• I've been working on a few things for Cecily, and some things will soon be available via my Etsy Storefront so check out my Creative Blog for info when items will be listed

• Knox knows where Cecily is:  if focused, he'll lift my shirt and put his finger in my belly button

• Knox has his 5th or 6th ear infection.  His NP now thinks that he will need tubes due to the number of infections, his delayed/chopped speech (by chopped I mean he normally only says the first syllable of each word) and his off sense of balance.  We head back to the ENT on March 9th.

• Due to the infection, he's on a fourth type of antibiotics.  We're on type number four due to his rash/whelp reaction to other antibiotics.  His NP and an immunologist she consulted with believed his reaction to be associated with a red dye in the other antibiotics, and not the antibiotics themselves.  We thought we were in the clear with this one, a non-red dye antibiotic, but he started his rash/whelp reaction today.  Looks like a trip to the allergist, in addition to the ENT.

• I'll be 21 weeks on Monday (only 18 to go to C-section!!!), and we get to see Cecily again.  This would actually be the gender reveal if we hadn't already done so!  I COULD NOT have waited this long!  ;)

That's about it for now.  I'll leave you with a few more pics of our snow day!  Hope you have an amazing weekend!




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  1. Momma can't wait it is good to see an update. Hope Knox isn't in too much pain with those ear infections!!!