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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Little Golfer

Knox is obsessed with golf, whether it's us playing on the Wii or a game on the TV (though I'm fairly certain my father started this trend with his Tiger Woods Golf he plays on his computer, with Knox in his lap).  We found out the love of golf on TV recently, when plopped down in the floor with Keith and watched at least 30 minutes with his hands propped up behind his head.  Here are two videos of him watching his newfound love and mimicing their moves.  (The golf set I got when we picked up the infamous antibiotics for the ear infection--needless to say, he's enthusiastic and has broken two of the three clubs.  Thankfully, not ON anything.)

I couldn't figure out how to cut these down, so the end on one is nothing special.  Anywho, watch how he tries to wait and swing when the golfers on TV do so.  He does that with us when we play the Wii.  So cute!

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