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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Soon-To-Be Family Member!

No, not talking about Cecily--this time.  ;)

To add to the news, fabulous news, of the past month I get to add the wonderful news that I will be getting a FABULOUS new SISTER-IN-LAW!  Yep, my little brother proposed to his long time girlfriend, sweet Lindsey (to be known from now on as Lulu--get it--Uncle Tutu and Aunt Lulu?!) the day after Valentine's Day!  On top of that wonderful news, she was accepted into TWO graduate schools, one being UAB--her first choice!  YAY!  I'm so excited and proud of her, and glad they won't be so far away for the next three years.

The Big Day will be November 20th.  I'm honored to be one of Lindsey's brides (matrons), Knox is going to be ring bearer (if he cooperates) and Cecily will kinda be like an honorary flower girl.  I just can't begin to express how excited I am that Brother has found his lifelong love, and that she's so stinkin' AWESOME!  We're so excited for her to become part of our family, as she is excited to become part of ours.  She's also so excited to become an auntie--I think she was as anxious as I was to find out the gender of Miss Cecily.  :)

Can't wait until next weekend when I FINALLY get to see them since they've been engaged, at their engagement party we're having for them.  Good times, just hate Hubs won't be with us.

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