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Friday, March 5, 2010

Starting the Nursery

We're starting the nursery process.  Keith will be painting Cecily and Knox's rooms a yellowish cream color while Knox and I are away next week (getting the house ready for a possible move in the near future).  Cecily's furniture will be an antique, white set of my grandmothers, but for the time being we're keeping the queen, dark wood bed currently in the spare room.  Mainly for our parents' to have a space to sleep while they're visiting after Cecily's birth.  Knox's crib is a light wood, which I hope will fit well with the queen bed.  I would love to find a dresser that could stay with the bed, so that when we do happen to move, they can stay together in a spare room.

I'm trying to find a decor that will look great with yellow walls and wood furniture, that can translate to a light green room with white furniture.  I'm going to incorporate both colors, with many shades of pink and purple.  My dark color was originally going to be black, but now I'm leaning more towards brown.  I received the first piece of artwork for her room, and couldn't be more thrllled.  Already have it matted and framed.  I found the print of the water color alphabet on Etsy (I'm infatuated, and not just because I have a storefront there).  This girl offers some beautiful, reasonably printed watercolor prints.  Just be ready to wait at least a week or so for your order to arrive.

I think I'm going to lean towards a mix retro/mod and dainty florals--a nice eclectic mix.  I bought a duvet at Ikea for $15, a rusty orange and white.  Don't know if I'll keep that with the white furniture, but I'll make it work for the time being.  I found a really easy tutorial online to make crib sheets and changing pad cover.  I'll make the curtains--bubble shade, maybe?  I need to find a little posh rug and some sort of side table if room allows.  I'll paint her a pic and maybe hang a shelf.  I know I'm rambling, but you'll see the process as it happens, I'm sure.

Anywho, hope you have a wonderful weekend!  We should--I'm hoping to get my hands dirty in the yard!!!  YAY!

Print in the frame.  I should have lightened it--color much darker than in person.  Matte is more of a bright pink.  Wish they had a lighter pink one, but it will work.


The duvet cover--looks totally different in person than it does on line.  But you get the jest.

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  1. I think brown will be great with the yellow walls! Can't wait to see the work-in-progress!