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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm in love...

with a camera!  

Keith is an up and coming photographer (if you've ever been to our house, the pictures in Knox's bathroom were taken by him), so he decided to purchase a nice SLR camera with money he will be receiving at Christmas.  I was supporting his decision 110%!  I love that we now have a hobby we can do together, and share knowledge of how to take better photographs--and now I can be IN more photos! ;)

So we ordered the Canon 40D, that came with a 28-135mm lens, and ordered an additional 50mm, 1.8f lens (after doing some serious homework about what type we wanted--thank you Tracy) so that we could take some fabulous pictures of Knox's second Christmas.  We both were so excited the night we ordered it, we both had dreams of using our new camera!  I know, we're both crazy!  So, the camera was delivered today to Fresh.  Keith was going to use it for their holiday lunch, but after checking it out, realized he didn't know where the memory card went nor had time to figure out how to even take a picture.  I had the privilege to take Keith the old PowerShot, and I got my sticky paws on the fabulous new camera!  Torture was waiting on the battery to charge, but I got a little reading done on where all my settings were.  (P.S.  We found out through Holly, who also has a SLR, that we needed a different size memory card, so Knox and I went to Sam's with no luck, then to BrandSmart where we lucked up!)

So check out a few of my faves from our "learning" session!

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