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Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa Baby!

Knox got to meet Santa for the very first time today, and he was much better than I expected.  As a young girl, I was notorious for being scared of anything out of the ordinary--Santa, Billy Bob at ShowBiz (Chuck E. Cheese for you young-uns), roller coaster, etc.  I know LOVE all of the previously mentioned, so go figure.  I thought little wild man would follow in his mommy's footsteps, but thankfully, he proved to be a brave boy!

We first saw Santa outside the "Santa Suite", and he just stared a bit.  Once inside, we chatted a bit more with Hoho, and I could feel his little hand grab the back of my arm a little tighter.  We gave Santa a high five and moved over to his chair.  Mommy sat next to Santa, while still holding Knox.  The pictures the woman took while I was sitting there looked like I was about to knock Santa out of his own chair!  I then moved over to the stool next to Santa's chair with Knox still making sure I wasn't going anywhere while Santa took out a book to share.  Mommy proceeded to tickle Knox's belly to get a few smiles out of him, then progressed to "touchdown" in order to back away and keep wild man engaged in a happy state.  Santa looked great, but didn't smile quite so much, so the picture of both Santa & Knox looking at the camera looked alright, but I really like this one of them looking at each other.  I wish I could have pulled Knox's britches down a little better--the poor think looks like he's wearing shorts with his penny-loafers and you can barely see his red socks!  Oh well, we had a great first time visiting with Santa!

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