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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger

So I have no excuse for not blogging recently, other than the fact that I'm outta my frickin' mind. But what's new?

We had a fabulous Christmas running all over the place for about a week solid. We managed to get two and a half solid days in before heading back out to the Blue Ridge Mountains for a New Year's Eve vacation with some of my best friends from high school, minus Tiff and her family (Norah is only two months old--we all know that schedule!).

During my blogging hiatus (sp?), Knox, along with Keith and myself, had mucho fun with family and friends. We didn't get to see all of our BFFs, but someday soon we will. We also received many fabulous presents that we can't begin to express our gratitude for--all of mine added up to a most wonderful embroidery machine. You will more than likely receive a gift of some form of monograming in the near future. I could sit and stare all day long--work, what's work???

Our trip to the mountains was great. Keith got to tinker with nature photography with his brand new fancy camera (that I also claim as my own). I got to spend some quality time with two BFFs from high school, since Jayma was on "bed rest" from her cerclage (sp?). The cabin was peaceful and the beds oh so comfy, so sitting around all day and taking naps was a dream! Oh, and now Clark may be Clarke--latest sonographer said she thought it was a GIRL, NOT A BOY!!! Oh well, if that's the worst of our worries, I'll take it! :) Jayma still likes the name Clarke for a girl, and I think it ROCKS!!!

The only down side to our stay in the mountains was Knox's ability to acquire a black eye on the last day there--he must have gotten that from me. He decided to whine (what's new?), threw his head back while continuing to walk--and SMACK into the tree shaped table. At first, I didn't pay him close attention. He's always running into things and ALWAYS WHINING! Once myself and Alba actually looked at Knox, blood was all over his right eye. So much so that we thought he cut his eyeball! Once we kind of cleaned it up, we were relieved to see that it was only a small cut above his eye, on the brow bone. Small, but probably deep enough to leave a small scar. Once the adrenaline of the shock of blood hit, I felt a little light headed. I can't start feeling like that--no telling what the wild man will get into in years to come! It is now nice and blue--you would almost think the wild man is wearing eyeshadow since the black eye is solely on the eyelid. Below are a few pics of the shiner. They would be ones of the best photos I've taken of him, if not for the BLACK EYE! :)


  1. these pictures are so great!! We need to hang out soon. The library is an open invitation. Every Monday at 10:30. Knox would love it.

  2. He is so handsome even with his black eye!