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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Photographic Evidence of Progress

Thought I'd share my evidence of progress in becoming a better me.  Our bathroom closet received it's make over today--what a fun Saturday I had, huh?

The bible my late Aunt Carol Ann and her husband, John, gave to Keith and I when we were married.

A clean sink--thanks for the inspiration Laura Beth!

The  bathroom closet--can you tell I love those one type of bins?

Of course he has to un-organize...

This is what Daddy & Knox did while I worked on the closet--notice he is STANDING on the couch.
Bad Daddy AND Bad Knox.

He has learned to lift his leg over his horse and other riding toys.  He can now also push himself on the riding toys--such a big boy!


  1. keep it up--your pictures are great! i especially LOVE the ones of Knox, and I can only tell he has a black eye in the last one...

  2. look at your closets--ahhh. Can you come over and organize mine--ha, ha:) Glad that I inspired you to clean your sink. Maybe I will be inspired to organize the rest of my house:)

  3. It looks great! I just wish mine looked that good and were that big!