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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poor Baby

This post is "dedicated" to my Aunt Anna Virginia (Jenny), since she emailed me to tell me that she could only look at my organized closets for so long.  :)

Well, since I posted last Knox has had a rough week and a half.  I've reported that he's been teething his molars, which is now confirmed by his doctor.  We had to see the doctor because he was being extra ornery last Wednesday & Thursday.  His temperature Thursday night and Friday morning was 103--he's never had a fever that high, but I chalked it up to his teeth and gave him Motrin.  My Mom & Dad were coming in Friday to help me celebrate my upcoming birthday, and Mom said I should take him into the doctor just in case something else was going on.  They got to our house just in time for Mom to accompany me to the Dr.  Once there she confirmed my teething theory, and added a twist.  Knox had his first ear infection.  Fab.  We get his antibiotics, ear drops and more Motrin to help the poor baby out.  Almost instantly the meds took ahold, and started acting like he was feeling a little bit better since he and Big Daddy were playing some mean games of "I'm gonna get you." :)  I love having my parents come visit--and not just because they entertain their grandson. :)

Sunday night, as Keith and I were getting Knox ready for bed, I noticed a rash of sorts on his back.  He wasn't itching or anything, and I thought it might be the new pajamas Ma Jack got him from Target irritating him since I hadn't washed them before he wore them.  He slept wonderfully, so I thought nothing much of it until I was getting him ready Monday morning.  His rash had spread to his neck, chest and around his face.  Once we got to the gym, I had to check his diaper and the rash went all the way to his bottom.  So I call the doctor again and get worked in for an hour later.  Before I called the doctor, I called Mom to see how Christopher reacted when they realize he was allergic to penicillin.  Apparently different kids react a little differently, but he had whelps and Knox had a rash.  So the doctor said Knox was indeed allergic to penicillin and the related family of antibiotics.  Here we go back to the pharmacy to fill another prescription.  Later Monday, Daddy brings Knox to the office, which I don't do, because there are too many things he can get into and hurt himself.  Hurt himself, he did, as he wobbled face first into a piece of wood I had out for a current project.  Two big cuts, one on his left check and one of his chin, appeared.  Fab again.

Tuesday morning I give him his medicine, which he hates the taste of.  No wonder the pharmacy asked if I wanted it flavored, but at $3 extra, I had to pass.  We hadn't budgeted for two trips to the doctor and three prescriptions within 4 days.  BUT as long as he's well, we really don't care.  When Daddy got home, he and Knox headed out for some playtime.  By the time they got in about 15-20 minutes later, Knox had a matching "battle wound" on this right cheek.  Knox and the patio concrete got into a "disagreement".  Funny how blood is drawn when Knox is with Daddy, and not Mommy. Hmmm?  Poor baby.

Ma Jack, Wild Man & Big Daddy

"Walking" Chloe--Notice her unwillingness to cooperate

Handsome Hubby

My men

Epitome of a rough and tumble little boy

Big Daddy's idea of letting him push himself in the swing-haha!

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  1. Love all the pictures. I also love that Knox is going to call your dad Big Daddy. I wanted my dad to be called that but he opted for Grandpa. That works too. Hope Knox is feeling better! Sick kids are no fun and I always feel so sorry for them!