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Friday, January 30, 2009

Poor Baby, Chapter 2

Last night, as I was getting Knox ready for bed, I noticed that his elbow and thighs seemed to be a bit "textured" so I thought he had some extremely dry skin.  I greased him down with lotion and put him to bed.  He slept well until about 5:15.  We let him cry for awhile, hoping he would go back to sleep like he normally does.

Well, he didn't.  I changed his diaper in the dark, and laid down with him in his bed hoping he would drift back to sleep.  That didn't work either.  When we finally got to the point of getting dressed for the day, I got a little surprise.  His "dry" skin was a new rash that predominately covered his checks, one ear, arms and thighs.  Great.  I already knew this warranted another trip to the doctor, and the gym clothes I just put on would not be put to proper use.

We got in right away, and actually saw the MD, or whatever his professional initials are.  He confirmed what I already suspected--Knox was also allergic to antibiotic #2, Omnicef.  This rash was more bumpy/pimply-er, as to the more blotchy rash he developed Monday with the penicillin-form antibiotic.  Good news was that he deemed his ear infection clear, so there was no need to progress to antibiotic #3.  Bad news is that we don't know what antibiotic his sweet little body will play nice with.  Doctor did prescribe a stronger form of Benedryll (sp?) for the itchiness.  I guess the Omnicef just has to work its way out of his body before the rash goes away, but it steadily got worse throughout the day.  Having said that, he was significantly "happier" today than the past two days.  No real tantrums until this evening, and I know his little body is just worn out.  Check out the poor baby's pictures below.

On a side note, I would like to say YAY to Jayma and BJ!  I reported previously that they are expecting, and were expecting a boy.  Well, we stand corrected.  Jayma had her official 18 week ultrasound and found that Baby Bowling is, indeed, a GIRL! :)

His poor little legs were the worst!

His ears were the things that got significantly worse throughout the day.

Still a silly boy despite the itchies

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  1. Poor little guy but I am so glad his ears are better!