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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fabulously Crazy Week

So our great but crazy week started Monday.  With only $1000 left to pay on student loans before we are debt free (minus the house mortgage), the idea of a new vehicle went up.

Keith's sweet parents have been on the lookout for great deals, and found a fabulous vehicle for an equally fabulous price.  Before making an offer, Keith, Knox and I went to test drive a similar one at a local dealership.  Long story short, we made an offer on the one we test drove and dealer wouldn't come down $1500 so we said no thanks, and I next thing I know I'm in TN and the proud new owner of a 2007 Chevy Tahoe!!!  :)  I even got to see my sweet grandmother and aunt while here, since Knox and I stayed an extra night so we wouldn't feel so rushed.

Now, on our way home, we are meeting Brother and Lindsey in Birmingham so that they can ride with us in the new Tahoe, to help keep Knox happy and Mommy sane.  If only I could fall asleep now, and get some good shut eye...oh well.  Friday Ma Jack & Big Daddy will be join us (after us kids hit the GA Aquarium) for a fun filled weekend of cooking out and a trip to the ATL zoo!

In other crazy news, while we've been here in TN, we've come to realize that Knox is growing way too fast (like we didn't already know!)  We put him to sleep in his pack n play Grammy has for him here, and we woke up to find him on the BIG BED next to the pack n play, playing and gibbering to himself!!!  I tried to put him down for a nap today, and as soon as I closed the door, THUNK, there went Knox overboard since I pulled the pack n play away from the bed!  So my inability to fall asleep has a little to do with the munchin asleep on my leg, that has regularly sat straight up in attempts to get comfy himself, and the three glasses of a Pulaski delicacy, Sundrop, I consumed before bed.

Oh and please keep Grammy in your thoughts and prayers--she's having outpatient surgery on her hand tomorrow.  Hope she makes a speedy recovery, so she can give Knox sweet lovings next time we see her!

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