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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

School Bound

Momma's sweet baby boy will be starting "school" on Monday.  Keith and I have decided to enroll Knox in daycare part-time, to help socialize him (he's the true meaning of the phrase Momma's Boy) and to hopefully get the speech ball rolling.  Not only should this help Knox, but Mommy will be able to get a solid four hours of work, and possibly exercise in, without having to worry about "neglecting" Wild Man.

Starting Monday, Keith will be dropping Knox off at 7am (hanging around for a good 5-10 minutes to help get him adjusted as much as possible) and I will be picking him up at 11:00am.  He will only be attending Monday through Thursday, so we still have the flexibility to make three day trips without penalty, and get some playdates in as well.  I think all members of the Rogers household may be in better moods, once we get over the separation hump.  I hope.  I'll follow up next week to let you know how this goes.  *fingers crossed!*

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