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Monday, March 30, 2009

First Day Of School--UPDATE!

So apparently it wasn't as bad for Wild Man as I thought.  I had a call at around 9-9:30 from school, and of course I immediately thought the worst, and envisioned rushing to get him.  Nope.  The director just wanted to let me know how great he was doing and that he quit crying about 5 minutes after Keith dropped him off this morning!  His only issue was when workers would come in and out, but I think his teacher asked them to just peek in on him.

I got to stand and "observe" for a good 15-20 minutes.  He was chowing down, so we all know he was good if food is present.  His teacher said she thought she might have to get him a second plate!  That's my boy!  ;)  There is one little "feisty" boy, that was throwing food at the two other little boys and squeezing juice into his mouth with the sippy cup overhead.  Let's just hope Knox doesn't pick up on those undesirable habits.  Good thing is that I think that little boy kinda freaked Knox out a bit--teacher said he steered clear of him!  Haha!  I think he did play well with one other little boy that is a little more calm, so that's a plus!

Tomorrow is another day, and we'll see how it goes from here!  Oh and tomorrow is picture day, complete with a group shot--I'm sure that will be a hoot!


  1. YAY!!! I'm so proud of Knox AND his mama!!! This is going to be great for all of you.

  2. oh yea, glad that Knox did well!! Keep us updated!