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Friday, March 13, 2009

Update on the "plan"

After talking with Michelle, Knox's pediatrician, our current plan regarding Knox's lack of verbalization is to wait.

When talking with her about the extra tests the ENT "prescribed," Michelle was not familiar with the ABR test, and said that the sedation would be a bit extreme.  (Thank goodness!)  She said that she could send us to the autism early prevention center to have him tested, but again stated that she DOES NOT think that Knox has autism.  So she said she felt comfortable revisiting the situation at his 18 month checkup.

Several of my sweet readers, one being a sorority sister 
that works with delayed children, assured me that Knox's situation is quite normal--so my nerves are a little more at peace.  Thank you to everyone, including Ma Jacks and Grammys, for all of your help/assurance/input.  We love you all.  We are so glad to know that Knox is so cared for and loved.  And of course, now I think, since he has found a new love in Blue's Clues, I could swear he tries to say "Blue's Clues" when I go to put it on--but I could just be delusional at this point!  :)

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