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Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday USA &!

I know, I know. It's been another long break in my personal blogging, but we have so much fun while I was away! We made yet another extended stay back home with both sets of grandparents to celebrate the hubs birthday and the birthday of our country.

While home we were treated with fabulous food and fabulous weather. A wonderful, almost humidity free summer night made eating fresh veggies from Grandmother's garden even more amazing on hubby's birthday, topped off with homemade peach ice cream. The rain, rain stayed away long enough for us to get some serious play time in water.

One time was Knox's first romp in a creek, complete with "skipping" rocks. He has a mean wind-up, you know! :) The water was clean and crisp, with the location being perfect. The creek rolls over a "floating bridge," I believe that is what Keith called it. Shallow enough for wild man to dig out rocks perfect for throwing, and just deep enough to keep cool. He got a little distracted once some others showed up on four-wheelers. This little country boy is already obsessed with all things country--four wheelers, tractors, horses, and cows. Definitely related to his Daddy, Grandaddy and Grammy! :)

The other water play was in a pool with my parents. Knox hasn't had the opportunity to get in a big pool this summer, so he was a little unsure of not being able to touch solid ground. The longer stayed, the more brave he got. He had enough floatation devices on to almost rocket him out of the water--life preserver swimsuit and arm swimmies at all times! All of that swimming worked up quite the appetite for BBQ, burgers and chicken that were scrumptious! Big Daddy and Ma Jack loaded up on "quite but pretty" fireworks, or at least that's what the guy at the fireworks stand thought. Knox would have begged to differ. His interest was piqued, but once something got louder than comfortable he bee-lined for the safety of Momma's arms. I think he would have just been happy with a bubble show!

We're now all somewhat adjusted to everyday life, though I think Knox is going to take a bit longer since he was away from home for a little over a week. I was up late last night completing my first round of listed items on my store front. Check it out, and let me know what you think. More info is over on the creative blog or go directly to my store front!

Have a fabulous Tuesday, y'all!

"Skipping" rocks

Digging for rocks to skip. I think this pick looks like he's floating on top of water!

He spies the four-wheeler and wonders why he's not on it.

Getting sleepy

Not so sure about all the loud noises fireworks make. Definitely related to his Momma.

His Tutu telling him it's okay.

My father the weekend's Pyromaniac! Haha!

Big Daddy & Knox playing with something more Wild Man's speed--bubbles!

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  1. Chad & KristyJuly 7, 2009 at 7:22 PM

    He is just keeps getting cuter!!! All of your pictures are so good. I love the pictures of your brother with Knox. There is something very simple and pure about them. I know that sounds cheesy but I thought the same thing last time you had pictures of the two of them! Hope all is well!