Charles Knox


Cecily Blanche


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


As Knox and I hang out at the house today with yet ANOTHER case of the sickies, I thought I'd write a little note to self:

When feeding sweet baby boy a jelly biscuit...

put a top on the biscuit. :)

I haven't felt up-to-par to recap our great day visit to Chattaboogie for Sweet Jill's 30th birthday party, but she has lots of pictures I took posted on her site. Our only down side of the visit was getting hit head on (at only about 15mph, THANKFULLY) and just ONE HOUSE from Jill's. We're so very thankful we were in the SUV, but sad since we've only had that vehicle since late March. Oh well, at least it was only cosmetic damage to the vehicle and NO ONE WAS HURT--praise God!


  1. I'm so glad that ya'll weren't hurt!! Scary!!

    Obviously, I never ordered Ada's birthday shirt. I don't really have it together these days with the pregnancy and sickness and all. Maybe I will just order a monogrammed Ada shirt for fall.

  2. great idea for the curtains...i'm going to try it next week and let you know how it comes out! thanks girl!