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Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a FABULOUS Giveaway!

I stumbled upon this fabulous blog with an equally fabulous giveaway! It's a double stroller from Bumbleride--how fabulous is this thing? I know we currently don't have two bundles of joy, but hopefully some day in the very, very, very near future we will--and this would be my one dream item! Oh! The luxurious ease of a double stroller would be wonderous! Don't ya think?

It may put a damper on Puddin' Pops cargo rides--I don't think I'm quite strong enough to push a 30 lb. 19 month old, an 18 lb. shih tzu and another 8lb baby (when that day comes and God may bless us!) Guess it would be an amazing way to work off "baby fat." :)

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