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Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun Facts for a Snow Day

I have a few random blurbs I wanted to share since there's no way you could get me out in the cold to do running around just yet, and I don't have too much work to do right now.  I'm sure there are other things that need to be done around the house (like finish the laundry) but it's just too cozy here on the couch in front of the fireplace with my warm blanket.

Knox is home from school today due to the "big blizzard" that came through last night.  (Ha!)  I wish Daddy had worked from home to be with us, plus I was worried sick about driving conditions.  Knox and I took it easy this AM, watching a few shows after breakfast (you'll see him chillin' in a storage container below!)  I finally decided to bundle him up and let him explore the snow.  His first actual accumulation since he's been old enough to actually play outside.  Poor thing--I couldn't find his gloves, so I just put a pair of socks on his hands, so I know they were frozen.  Despite temps in the teens, Wild Man loved it and didn't want to come inside.  He found the watering can and carried it around all over the place, poking the tip in the snow.  He didn't do too much more with the snow--just walked around checking it out.

Next bit of fun fact is that Wild Man is becoming such a big boy.  Not only has he been sitting on the potty multiple times a day since Tuesday, but he has pee-peed in the the potty at school at total of two times, and the tiniest bit once here at home.  I think the only reason he got some out at home is because we promised him that he could play golf on the Wii if he went potty!  The time after that, he got on the potty and immediately said, "Gol!" (aka Golf!)  Little stinker.

ALSO, he's now sleeping in a BIG BOY BED!!!  Since Wednesday, we have a wooden rail on the side of his bed and moved his bed to set against the wall.  The first night we had to intercept him as he was crawling off the bed about 4 times, but after that and explaining many different ways that he isn't to get out of bed unless Mommy or Daddy comes to get him, he finally stayed--and stayed the ENTIRE NIGHT until 6:15AM!!!  He's taking 2-3 hour naps there too!  Last night we hit a little glitch--he rolled out of the end of the bed about 11:30.  He didn't sleep so soundly after that, but never tried to get out of bed!  We're going to get a smaller rail to put at the foot of the bed since he doesn't have a foot board.

Lastly, a sweet sorority sister of mine sent me a message saying that she thought baby #2 was A GIRL, from looking at the ultrasound pics I posted.  She asked if I had heard of the "nub theory" or "the angle of the dangle".  Sounds funny, right?  But it's really quite interesting.  Not sure if most of you know, but male and female genitals begin to form the exact same way, but it's not until week 16 or so when they're finally in the correct places.  This "nub theory" is using ultrasound photos from around 12-13 weeks and using the angle of the "dangle" to determine the gender--boys point one way and girls the other.  Check out the link here for a better description and photos.  It's rather interesting!  I know that may be TMI for some, but just think of it as your daily science lesson!  :)

Anywho, another rather long post, but what else do you have to do on this pretty snow day?!

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