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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Blog

I decided to start a new blog more appropriate for our growing family.  It won't be just Knox Rogers' Neighborhood come July!  :)  Make sure you update your blog roll and bookmarks!

First off, I've been bad about taking pics of the belly this time around.  I had a total of 7 photos of the progression of pregnancy with Knox.  I hate I didn't take a starting photo of this pregnancy.  I'll share previously "private" photos of my gigantic self along with current photos throughout this round.  You can see by this side by side view, my belly popped a little earlier than last time.

We had our second ultrasound this morning.  Everything is measuring perfectly and the heart rate is 146, down from the 174 it was at week 9 (it's faster at first because so much is growing!)  I've only gained 4 lbs. and I contribute that to all the good food I ate in the past two weeks during the holidays, since my nausea has dwindled.  I had lots of blood drawn for all the screening they do.  Next ultrasound will be March 1 (next doc visit will be Feb 1), and we'll know for sure whether we have a boy or girl.  The doc also told me that they prefer to do a C-section after you've had one, to reduce risks--which I was going to request anyway.  He said that they typically do repeat C-sections about a week prior to the due date so current estimated date of arrival is July 5!!!  Almost a Independence Day baby--and only FOUR days after it's Daddy's birthday!  :)

I labeled this ultrasound just for you Ma Jack!  :)

Other current preggy tidbits that I didn't share last time:
•  I'm finally over the all day sickness, and thankfully, craving fruits and veggies.  I ate so many clementines the other day, I gave myself heartburn.  :)
•  I'm getting heartburn more frequently now than I did with Knox.
•  While at home for the holidays, I took an Intelligender test at 11 weeks.  It's one of those that supposedly tests hormones in your urine.  Mine read BOY, but website claims 80% accuracy and from threads I've read, it's more like 50%.  Also the earlier you test, the less accurate.
•  I think I may be having a boy--my belly is low and more "football" shaped like it was with Knox.
•  We're hung up on boy names.  We have three names we love for a girl, so of course the baby will be a boy.  :)

Speaking of names, why don't you help us out a bit.  We don't go for the run of the mill names, but we don't want some weirdo name like "Sparrow".  Our two boy names right now are Asa Burks Rogers and Slade Hutton Rogers.  Burks and Hutton are family names.  I'm not sold on either name.  I had John Chapman Rogers and to call him Chapman (family name on both sides), but my brother claims that John Chapman is the brother of Dog The Bounty Hunter.  Even if it's not, the name has lost it's luster.  I think brothers named Knox and Slade are just ready to go out and bust some heads.  :)

I'm IN LOVE with our girl names:  Cecily Elizabeth Rogers, Kingsley Melia Rogers (would have been Knox's name if he was a girl) and Alden Blanche Rogers.  All of the middle names are family names.  I honestly go back and forth between which name is my favorite.  Let me know which names are your favorite for boy or girl!

Either way, the baby is healthy and on track, so we're blessed beyond belief!


  1. I am partial to Hutton as a middle name!!!
    You look great!!! I can't believe you were able to eat clementines, citrus is not my friend!!!

  2. I'm definitely diggin' Slade and I already told you I LOVE Cecily (although, I think Elizabeth or Blanche would go with). I'm so stinkin' excited for you. I'm still holding out. I think it's a GIRL!

  3. BTW, July 6th is Matt's bday!