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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A thought conclusion & a genius child

I've previously mentioned that we've been having some issues with getting Knox to stay happy in Kidz Club at the gym.  Well, it's gotten worse.  For the past two days, he's has immediately started screaming as soon as I hand him over to the workers.  Now at first I thought maybe he's still a little snotty (literally) and he'll get over it (the runny nose and the fussiness).  Nope.  Not the case at all.

Yesterday they came and got me from the middle of my workout because he never quit crying.  Plus he scares them by how red he gets when he cries.  I had to assure them that the coloring is normal--he gets it honestly from his father (along with the temper!)  I managed to get him calmed down long enough for me to escape for another 20 minutes.  After checking in then, he was still calm though one of the workers was holding him.  At the conclusion of my workout he was still with the worker and was not fussing to our surprise (his hand was down her low cut shirt--go figure.)

So Keith went with me to the gym today, so he was able to see first hand.  As soon as he went to the worker, he burst into tears and there wasn't much I could do to calm him.  The worker said to go on, that they had gotten used to his fussiness and crying by now.  Not what I want to hear as a first time mom, especially since I was such the angel as a child.  (Right, Mom & Dad?)  I checked back after 20 minutes and one worker is holding him (big surprise) so I continue my fierce workout.  18 minutes later the other worker hiked up the stairs to pull me off the elliptical trainer.  He started again and hadn't stopped.  What does he do as soon as I pick him up?  Stop crying.  Yep.  I had to interrupt Keith's workout so we could go.

Our conclusion--separation anxiety has set in the Rogers's household.  Let's just hope this goes by quickly, otherwise our attempt to get Knox socially exposed to other kids just went kerplunk (along with our gym membership fees and my waistline.)

On a much happier note (but at the cost of my sanity), our genius child is well on his way to walking at just 8 months old.  I've reported that he's been "cruising" the furniture, so well in fact, that he can basically circle the entire living room barely touching furniture or walls.  That was bad enough to frazzle me, but now I think I'm well on my way to being looney.  Little stinker man now lets go, and many times just tries to take off walking.  Of course, the feet don't quite keep up with the will yet, but it won't be too long.  We started "working" with him after he attempted to walk from me to the sliding glass door outside.  He's gotten much more stable standing in just two days and can take two or three steps before gravity takes ahold of his upper extremities.  I am, in no means, trying to rush my baby into growing up, especially for my sanity's sake, but I can't help but be so proud of him for "excelling" already.  I always knew I would have genius children--since I am a genius myself.  Haha!

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