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Friday, August 29, 2008

Another "exciting" Friday Night

Our Friday night excitement consists of dinner at the Mexican restaurant, including a well-deserved margarita for me.  Tonight wasn't out of the ordinary, but I did manage to almost finish Sherry & Chris's baby shower invites.  The only thing stopping me was the fact that I ran out of adhesive--after going through three rolls!  I'll finish in the morning after a quick run to Hobby Lobby, but I can't wait to get them in the mail.  I'm just excited for Cacey and crew to see them because I think they are one of the CUTEST invitations I've done.  I'll have to top it for Knox's birthday invites. :)
Anywho, the main reason for the post is more humorous photos I've managed to snap of Knox.  Move over Dora The Explorer!  Here comes the
 Knox man!  The first photo shows my sweet
 little one knowing how to "pose" for the camera at an early age, just like his Momma did.  (His "fraternity" pose, instead of "sorority" pose as my parents refer to it.)

The others are of him learning how great it is to play under the dining room table.  That must be hereditary also.  I was telling our neighbors tonight at dinner of my wonderful memories of playing under my Granny & Papa John's table.  Their table was great--big enough to sit 10 comfortably and we always had a few family
friends at the holidays.  The legs of the table are large and intricate, and something about it just made me want to hang out under there after family holiday meals.  It just must be a kid thing.  So there was my tangent of the evening.  Knox is still so small in comparison to our dining room table, I thought the first of these photos was like a "Where's Waldo" since you kind of have to look for the wild man.  I hate that the second is so blurry because it just shows how sneaky/happy he is that he's into something new.

I couldn't help but share the invite I did for my BFF since 4th grade, Tiffany, who is expecting a baby girl on November 17th!  Enjoy the pics and enjoy this wonderful, extended weekend in honor of Labor Day!  Be safe!

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  1. He is getting so big--and cuter by the minute! I can't WAIT to see you guys. I LOVE the invitations (mine especially!!) and am still super impressed at your personalized clipart! I was pretty proud of Norah's letters--my birdhouses still need some work, though, I'll have to show you my plan. Have a great weekend, and ROLL DAMN TIDE!!!!!!!