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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crazy Days

So, I'm sitting here like a crazy, worried aunt or mom, waiting to hear how pref night went my best friend's sister.  Anna's in school at Birmingham Southern and her last night of rush/recruitment is tonight.  Alpha Omicron Pi and Alpha Chi Omega are her last two.  Since my days as an AOPi at Ole Miss, I haven't known many younger girl acquaintances that have gone AOPi at any school.  SO, I think it would be fabulous if Anna chose AOPi so we could have something else in common other than Jayma and I could share with her all the wonderful things there is to know about the sisterhood.  BUT, my first concern is for her to find a house where she feels she fits and where she believes she'll foster life-long friendship like I was able to do back in my day.

Anyway, that is not my main reason for the post, though it is to help pass time until Jayma calls.  We have had a crazy several days in the Rogers household, but then again, what's new?  Knox and I went to Florence last Wednesday since Daddy left at the crack of dawn on Thursday for a business trip to Pennsylvania.  Our main purpose for the trip home was to shower my BFF, Tiffany, with gifts for her sweet little bun in the oven, Norah.  This is where all of the pictures have come from.  In addition to spending time with family and old friends, I was able to get some more things done with the 10 year high school reunion (I'm excited and looking forward to it, but I can't wait until all the planning is OVER!)  Daddy had fun up north, especially playing at the World of Chocolate and bringing home way too much chocolate that will find a permanent home on Mommy's buttock and thighs.

Also while Knox and I were home, we were "lucky" enough to catch yet another cold.  Knox and I are just fighting runny noses and the occasional sneeze.  This cold hasn't been nearly as bad as the last, but has managed to put my excema into overdrive.  I have a huge patch on the bottom of each of my palms that looks like I have severely burnt myself since the beginning phase is red, fevered blisters.  Nice mental picture, huh?  And of course the newest dermatologist in my conquest to find a decent one doesn't have an appointment until Friday.  Fabulous.  

An upside to the not so wonderful things, is that Knox is getting more and more mobile (I guess that's good.  Haha!) and that we officially have four teeth through gums, though they are not all the way in.  Check back in a few days for Knox's "official" 9 months stats since we head to the pediatrician on Thursday--the same day as Big Daddy's birthday!

The burp cloths I appliqued for Norah

The wall hanging that matches the invitations and the rug in Norah's room

Tiffany and all the grandmothers

The proud parents, Tiffany & Russell

Aunt Jay and Knox

Prego and her hostesses
Left to right:  Emily, Me, Anne, Tiff, Euna, Anne Martha & Jayma


  1. great job on the burp cloths!! you are becoming quite the seamstress. at least you didn't do something completely stupid like me and wait until 2 weeks before your wedding to try and learn how to use the embroidery unit on your machine WITHOUT any one there to help!! I had a minor breakdown last week trying to make gifts for other people.

  2. hey, one more thing. I LOVE the burp cloths and wall hanging. so cute. And I wanted to tell you that I now have a sewing machine. A friend of mine ended up with an extra, so I got it for free. So I am ready to learn how to sew!