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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Little Stinker

I couldn't fit this into my last blog since it was so darn long, but I wanted to make sure I shared it with you.  We've known that my child is a genius (duh), but now we know he's a genius that's a stinker.  So let me back up to Monday.

I was frantically trying to get some things done in the office and Keith was taking care of Knox downstairs.  I heard Knox whining, and the whining was more like he was calling or trying to get someone's attention--and it was closer than what I thought it should be.  I decided to investigate, so I peeked my head down the stairs and lo-and-behold to my wondering eyes--KNOX WAS ON THE LANDING OF THE STAIRS!!!  Keith was still sitting in the recliner so I had to yell at him to come see his son.  Apparently Keith had only let Knox out of his sight for a minute or two (sound familiar???)  Funny thing is that as soon as he saw me, he stopped his whining and started smiling and laughing.  We decided to let him finish his conquest, just this once.  You can see in the last picture how excited he was to get to where I was standing.

On the landing, where I first found him

Daddy watching him complete his task at hand

See how happy the little stinker is?!


  1. AGGHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That little pissant! He just wanted to see what Mom was up to!

  2. are really in for it! I love that smile, cause he knows he's got you two wrapped around his cute little finger!