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Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Happenings

This has been a great, and busy, weekend in the Rogers household.  Saturday was they day we've been waiting for--the first weekend of college football.  I wasn't able to catch many games on the tube since I was running around getting beautified, but it's just knowing the season started is fabulous.  It was even more fabulous knowing that Keith would be home one extra day for Labor Day.

We didn't have any big game plans for the Bama game Saturday night, but Jeff came over which is actually nothing new.  Before he and Bridgette were married, he was our adopted kid.  I grilled burgers and we all had a few beers to savor the kick off of the 2008 college football season.  You'll see a picture of Knox and Jeff--I just had to get one since they were both wearing their prospective teams' jerseys.  Knox is wearing the jersey of SEC's dominating team, given to him by his Uncle Tutu.  Jeff just wears Michigan State's jersey because he went there, not because he thinks they are any good.  Haha!

One of Knox's newest funny moments, which happened on Saturday, was learning to "drink" out of an big boy cup.  He is fascinated with the giant plastic orange cups that we use most.
 Mine is almost always filled with water, so I have occasionally let him attempt to drink out of it.  Well now he thinks that's his cup.  Keith finished drinking his water and let Knox play with it.  The grabs ahold of it and tilts it up like he knows what he's doing!  Next thing we see him do is stick his tongue in and around the edge while jibbering (yelling) into it so he can hear him self echo.  It is so funny.  We have video of it, which I'll post if I can figure it out.  In the meantime, you'll have to just enjoy the pictures.

Saturday was also filled with some learning.  Keith and I have ordered Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace books and DVDs. Keith has surprised me by reading constantly.  I've never witnessed this much reading from him, ever.  We watched the the DVDs, which are actually quite good.  Dave is a funny guy and his principles just make plain sense.  So we are starting a budget, complete with the envelope system, this coming Friday.  At first I wasn't as enthusiastic as Keith, but I've been researching shopping sales and using coupons, so now I'm ready to play the game!  
I also discovered Aldi, a low cost grocery store, which I found was surprisingly fab for certain things.  Shopping drug stores' sale papers and using coupons was so much fun.  I only bought things that were one sale and that I had a coupon for, saving almost $20 at EACH of the THREE drug stores AND two grocery stores I went to on Sunday.  All five stores are in a mile or two, so the cost of gas is not a factor in my craziness.  I'm really excited to see what I can come up with since our freezer is already full of Rogers Family beef, wild pheasant, wild quail and fish caught by Keith!

So my sale shopping took up most of Sunday, but still had to come home and knock out a few ads.  Today was no exception to the craziness, but I feel like I've made progress in all that I have to do ESPECIALLY with the help of Keith.  Keith basically cleaned the whole house while I finished ads, folded clothes, putting up clothes and finally finishing gifts for Norah (soon-to-be daughter of Tiffany) since her shower is Saturday.  I also managed to whip up a little something for Knox to wear this Friday at the Florence Falcons football game.  I know it's not Falcons garb, but it's still appropriate.  Pictures of his onesie are a little further down.  I was really excited with how it turned out.  I'm dying to post the pics of the cute little girl things I made for Norah, but Tiff won't be getting them until Saturday and I don't want to ruin the surprise, so I'll have to post them next weekend.

Daddy took this pic and the one below--SO GOOD!

Bulldog cheeks

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  1. I cant wait to see the little guy and of course you!