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Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Recap

Thought I should fill you in on a few good things that happened over the weekend.

First and foremost, Knox is walking multiple steps at a time.  Not just two and three steps, but six to eight steps.  And he is so cute doing so!  The first time Keith and I noticed, Knox was only in his diaper and had his little hands raised up by his ears, toddling from the ottoman to his toy box.  Oh and how he has started loving his toy box and pulling things out of it (and the diaper box).  He has started doing some of the mama, dada, and baba sounds.
I was really worried about this one, especially when his pediatrician said she would be worried if he wasn't saying two to three words in the next three months.  Now that I have talked to my mom and other newer moms, I'm a little more at ease that he's not babbling my ear off just yet.  She did say that I can let him watch more Baby Einstein (I was only letting him watch about an hour total per day since I read too much TV can delay speech development--so much for that theory).  This means I can get more work done because every time one starts up, he's instantly in trance.

Other pediatrician stats for Knox:  height 56%, weight 79% and noggin 94% (that is to account for all that genius brain activity going on up there!)  She said that he is way above normal as 
far as the walking goes, but wants us to work with him on clapping--more pat-a-cake for us.  I don't think he understands the concept of clapping his own hands together because when we play I clap his hands together for him.  Last week, he started putting his hands on my wrists making me clap as soon as we finish with him.  TOO CUTE!

My couponing/sale shopping went extremely well this weekend.  I didn't get my newspapers until Sunday AM, but I found that if I go to Food Depot they have two Sunday papers bound together for only $2.50 (regular Sunday paper is $2!) and I get like an 8¢ discount because Food Depot is a "discount" grocery store.  This weekend's paper was JAM PACKED with GREAT coupons.  So I got all my sale papers out, new coupons torn out and spread sheet out, I scanned over everything and got my list ready for my stores.  I hit CVS first and managed to save $41 and only paid $31!!!  I had a personal coupon from when you scan your card in the store for $4 off a $20 purchase.  On top of all that I made $5 in CVS bucks to add to the $3 I forgot to use!  In Kroger I only spent about $20, and in Aldi I only spent $15!!!  I went to the Aldi here in Stockbridge and it's just as "nice" as the one in Conyers, so I may save a bit of gas and start going there.

Over the weekend I was also able to finish some craft projects.  One I can't mention since it's a surprise for someone, and the other is too but I don't think she'll check this blog so I'll spill the beans.  And Anna, if you happen to find this, SURPRISE!  You'll get these in a few days!  As you read previously, Anna is my BFF Jayma's little sister who just pledged AOPi at Birmingham Southern.  It's a big deal in the sorority world to get fun and fabulous gifts as a new member.  Normally these gifts can chalk up a pretty price tag, but I did inventory of things I already had, and made Anna a few gifts to welcome her to the sisterhood (I have a bad habit of buying craft things just because they are on sale, which we are remedy-ing!)  Here's pictures of what I made her!

Thought I was clever with the saying on the cup

A shirt I appliqued

A bag that's appliqued

A door/wall hanger with fun wire & bead hanger--see, it says AOII down the side?!


  1. Oh how cool are your crafts for Anna! She is going to love them all so much. I dont think she knows about the blog. She is loving AOPi and is moving in the on campus apartment with a sister named Ashley weird is that. Love ya!

  2. You're so crafty!! You really should turn that into some sort of money making endeavor. Since I know you have so much extra time on your hands;) Where is Aldi in Stockbridge and where is Food Depot. If it's not too far, I need to start getting the sunday paper there!! Of course you are being super organized with the coupons. I on the other hand just spread all my coupons out everywhere and then match everything up. I wish some of your organization would rub off on me. Anyway...if you don't mind, i am going to add you to my blog list. After my un-fun, but Dave Ramsey approved, week at home, let's do cheap lunch. I would invite you over, but I have nothing to cook. we have pb&J:)

  3. Ashley, I didn't realize I was signed in under Scott's name. obviously, I (Laura Beth) posted the comment above.

  4. have I told you what a HUGE nerd you are????? you are, however, one of my favorite nerds in the whole world, and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I LOVE THEM!!! How cute is Anna's stuff? She's so lucky to have you for a pseudo big sis! You never cease to impress.