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Monday, September 15, 2008

Had to share this website!

I had to share this website for the other Dave Ramsey/Penny Pinchers:

In my attempt to find the website where you type the ingredient and up pops recipes (which I now realize is how most recipe search engines work--DUH ME!), I found this site.  By the header of the site, you might be put off or confused, but from the little amount of time I spent on it, it seems really GREAT!

Type in the ingredient or search by categories.  Each recipe has a food label with all food facts, like what you would find on any item in the grocery store.  In addition, it has a per recipe and a per serving monetary amount--how cool?!

Check it out!

Oh and check this one out too--same site, just a great link for several helpful downloadable PDFs!
Click HERE!

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  1. I totally just used this website to find a recipe for preparing the flounder we bought last night ($2.74 for 4 fillets at BiLo)!! I can't wait to fix it!! Our favorite frozen vegetable pack is the sugar snap stir fry (no brocolli and with sugar snap peas)!!