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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fabulous Surprise from a Fabulous Husband

After my last blog of not acknowledging our 2nd of any year wedding anniversary, the hubs got a wild hair and planned an amazing night out for just the two of us (the last time he did something so romantic was when he proposed!).  Apparently, I did so well in budgeting for groceries and working my coupon mojo, we had extra money after paying a third of Keith's credit card bill.  That money was used without my knowledge, but the results make me not care what it was used for!

I was sent an email at 7am on Friday, telling me to wear my "sexiest dinner attire" and to have Knox's dinner ready for the babysitter by 6:15pm--and that's all I needed to know.  I didn't even know who the babysitter was!  And those that know Keith and I well, also know that we are horrible at keeping surprises from each other.  Despite our past history, he stuck to his guns and spilled NO beans, what-so-ever!  It really got me excited for the evening--I started getting pretty at 3:00pm!  Once Keith got home from work he still wouldn't say a word, but I threatened life on who was keeping Knox.  Turns out, my ATL BFF, Holly, had offered her services earlier that week to keep the wild man.  She brought her son, Willem, who is only two months older than Knox, and her two daughters, Haiden, 12, and Tylar, 8.  Knox hasn't been around Will since May--turns out he LOVES Will.  He actually hugged him and just couldn't get close enough to him.  It actually resembled a WWF Smackdown, and Will didn't love it as much as Knox did.  He'll learn to  be gentle--eventually.

So on with the mystery date.  I asked questions thinking I could pull the twenty questions game out on him, but I only got about 2 questions out of him.  The directions were in Suzy Satelite and Keith passed this place twice.  I saw the name of this place on Suzy once we passed it, seeing that the place we were going to was Two Urban Licks--I was like were in the world is he taking me?!   Totally freaked me out.  He figured it out and next thing we know we were having our car valet parked and walking into this amazing, tall ceiling, open warehouse restaurant with amazing decor.  We asked for a table outside, but in this warehouse type restaurant, everything is outside when it's large garage doors are wide open during this amazing time of year.  As we were being seated, a hostess put flowers on our table.  I was like that's sweet, but was kind of weirded out by what flowers they were.  Any time Keith has ever gotten my flowers, they have been the most beautiful.  Now, not to sound like a flower snob, but these were RED CARNATIONS, with BABY'S BREATH and a PINK bow.  Not Keith at all.  I very politely told him thank you for the flowers and he harshly whispered back, "I didn't order those type of flowers--I ordered roses!"  THANK GOODNESS!  I was just glad that he made the extra effort to make me feel special!  Anywho, we had an amazing dinner with an amazing view, and before dessert a man came by the table telling us that we had the wrong flowers and brought a vase with three roses (for the three years together) that was the correct arrangement.  Now no need for Keith to make phone calls and take names! :)

Like I said before, the main reason for the dinner, other than celebrating our married life together, was celebrating how well we've done at sticking to our budget. I told Keith that we needed more us time, which he agreed, so I think if we continue to do well with the budget, we plan on doing one really nice dinner a month--without the wild man.  Plus, I think he (Knox)  enjoyed the night away from us, playing with kids his own age!


  1. SO SWEET!! Keith just continues to surprise me. Tell him I said "he done good!"

  2. He continues to surprise you and me, both! :)