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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He's Waving!

Ok.  I know you can't believe it, but it's two posts in one day!  I just had to document this.

You all know that I'm a complete spaz, especially when it comes to my sweet baby boy.  I'm always worried that something's wrong or he's not progressing like he should.  Well, my fears have been calmed a smidge.

Yesterday, after our neighbor, Charlie, came over to chat, we told Knox to tell Charlie "bye-bye" like we do to anyone we see these days.  Well, he little right hand started opening and closing, even though it wasn't held up in the air.  And he did it a second time after we said "bye-bye" again.  Today, as Knox and I ran all over the place, he always charms some person into talking to us.  As we left each one, he little hand would start working, and he would get so excited.  I'm sure I upped the excitement factor for him, since I would shout, "good boy", "you're so smart", etc.

So when you see the little stinker next time, you might get a full out wave accompanied by some spastic comment from his spastic mother.


  1. that's my smart little punkin' head!! the blacks have got to get to ATL sometime and hang out for the day with the rogers.

  2. When can Knox come out to play? Aunt Stacy has election day off from work. If mom says its okay, we should hang out...ttyl!