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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mission: Ten Year Reunion--Complete

Well, after a year or more planning my ten year class reunion, it has finally come and gone--thank goodness.  It has consumed a lot of my time, and Keith have been great in being understanding in all that has gone with it.  I have been asked by him many times what I learned from the process, and the correct response he's looking for is, "That I'm not doing it again!"

It was a long, difficult process, but I'm glad I did it.  I believe fun was had by all, and I'm most excited about the fact that there were no more cliques!  Everyone socialized with everyone, and thoroughly enjoyed everyone's company.  I'm so glad that I graduated with a class of amazing people.  I just hope that we don't have to wait another ten years to get together--but I'm not planning it! :)

My very brief summary of the days events goes like this.  BBQ lunch in the park from 11-2 for all classmates, significant others, children and teachers from our years in school.  It was great to be able to have teachers and students socialize in a casual setting.  Now, my family and I are personal friends with all teachers that attended.  My father has been a teacher for going on 31 years!  So it was great seeing my classmates relate to them the way I always have.  Anywho, the big event was dinner, dancing and drinks at the Marriott.  Dress was "coat & tie", so every one was all dressed to impress, making the evening a little more special.

The entire day's events would not have been possible with out several people.  Jessie, my co-planner, who's been with me throughout the entire process.  My friends, specifically Jayma, Cook and Tiffany, who have been there for moral and fiscal support.  Tiff also did the slideshow that was a huge hit at the evening event.  My husband for not attempted to shoot me through everything, but I'm sure he thought it a time or two.  And last but not least, my parents.  Again, they too, were there for moral and fiscal support, but they went above and beyond.  My mom kept me organized when at home, and my father helped with lunch set-up and volunteered to be my "bouncer" at the evening event so no one would crash the party.  I can't ever thank all of them enough for EVERYTHING they did.

The lunch with one of the teachers

Me and my sweet Jay

THE Girls!


  1. Who's that fat girl in the red top? Oh, wait...its ME!!!!

  2. Hey Fat Girl! Do I need to take out year old photos to show you what a REAL fat girl looks like? Puh-lease. Fat Girl, my foot!