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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy 2nd 3rd Anniversary, Honey!

Most of you know that know us, know what the title of this blog post means.  For those that don't, let me explain.  Today is the third anniversary of mine and Keith's second wedding.  No, we were never divorced--just married twice--well not legally.  

Here's the in-depth story.  Keith and I were already living together when he popped the big question at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC on November 6th, 2004 after only a year of dating.  I was working without health benefits, so I was paying out the wazoo for Cobra Insurance.  Taking this and other things into consideration, Keith and I decided to make it legal on January 7th, 2005.  We got our marriage license, signed our paperwork, said a quick "I DO" in front of a judge, and within 20 minutes we were Mr. & Mrs.  Now, I no fluff chick, but I still wanted the celebration of family and friends accompanied by the pictures to capture the event.  So we (my mom and I) planned a beautiful, and budget friendly I might add, wedding that took place on October 8th, 2005 at The Montgomery Place of Sheffield, AL (right outside of Florence, AL--my hometown).  It was still a special day because Keith and I had decided not to exchange wedding bands until we could do so in front of family and friends.

Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "Oh you're so lucky to have TWO anniversaries!"  Well, I'm no lucky than you my married friend.  I had to agree before the second wedding even took place that there would be only one "official" celebration of our marriage, but that the second one would be recognized.  So, we officially celebrate our day of marriage on January 7th, which now happens to be my little brother's girlfriend's birthday--how fun?!  That is the day of the official wedding anniversary for two reasons:  1) it was the day we were first legally married (that's when I changed my name too) and 2) unfortunately, my grandfather, my mother's father, wasn't able to be with us in body on our celebration day in October--he had been in the hospital and passed away that morning due to complications.  We won't ever forget our wedding celebration day, but I like to keep it as a day to remember Papa John--I do like to think he still made it to the pretty wedding. :)

So my sweet Barge, thank you for a wild, crazy and amazing three years!  I'm glad I get to see how the rest of our lives unfold--with you.  All my love!

Me with all of my bridesmaids, honorary bridesmaids & my flower girl

Keith and all his groomsmen

Cutting the cake

Pucker up, sweetcakes!


  1. That was sweet!! Happy 2nd 3rd Anniversay! And might I say I wish I was that skinny again!

  2. happy anniversary!! I loved seeing pictures of the wedding.

    Sadly, Scott and I will not be there tomorrow because my family is coming in for Ada's baptism on Sunday. We are so sad to miss it.

    Let's plan to do the pumpkin patch soon. Let's wait for another week of cool weather. This week's weather was just gross. And again, let's take lots of pictures when we go!