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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Heart Autumn

We love fall in the Rogers Household.  We love fall and everything that comes with it--football, holidays, cooler temperatures that are more conducive to playing outdoors.  Knox has loved the out of doors since the day he has been born.  Can't get the kid to calm down, then take him outside.  He's instantly calmer when he's in the open air.

SO with the more bearable temperature, we have been taking advantage of spending some quality family time outside, watching Knox toddle around, crash, and figure out how to get up again.  I think a combination of being outside and watching Willem get to standing on his own, has culminated in the wild man's noggin.  He can finally get to standing all by his lonesome, without the aid of any props for leverage.  This just goes to show that my little man does thing all in his own time--most babies stand before they ever walk.  Knox has been walking for almost two months and has just now gotten on two feet without pulling up.  Ahh, the wonders of little minds.

In other Knox-related news, he's still not waving or clapping but if you say Patty Cake with him sitting in your lap, he'll move YOUR hands in the appropriate manner and in the correct order.  He will not attempt this by himself.  Laziness or sheer genius?  Time will tell, I guess.  He also got his first flu vaccine, with the second dose to follow in 30 days.  We didn't know if Bug was allergic to eggs, since he's never had any, so we had to hang out for 10 minutes following the shot to ensure he didn't have a reaction.    Turns out, he can eat eggs to his little heart's content--no egg allergies here!  Daddy and I will be following Knox's precedent by having flu shots on Friday, while we are in Alabama.  Nothing wrong with Georgia flu shots--only going to the drug store down from Ma Jack & Big Daddy's for convenience, and so I can hold Daddy's hand while he gets his.  There is a small fear of needles there. :)  

S0--happy first of fall!  Go get your flu shots, so there is less chance of spreading the bad bug around!


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see the little BOO!

  2. The first picture he has a Keith look on his face, the last picture is all Lamm!! So funny. I love the fact that this child NEVER has pants on. We've gone from just a diaper, to a shirt with diaper, but never pants!