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Monday, November 10, 2008

More fabulous family time!

We spent another fabulous weekend with out-of-town parents!  We love when any friends come to visit us, but there's something about being with our family that is just so special.  It's probably the fact that we don't get to see them as often as we would like!

We had a nice, laid back fall weekend full of football and food.  Homemade chili, pot roast, and full breakfast were topped off with the victories of two of my favorite teams--The Alabama Crimson Tide and The Tennessee Titans!  Whoo-hoo!  Mom and I made a trip to the Dekalb Farmers Market, which I LOVE as I have mentioned before.  We had the fabulous lunch buffet, so we were pretty much stuffed for the day.  The whole fam still made it out for some dinner at Logan's on Sunday evening.  Like I said, a weekend full of food and not much else, other than enjoying each other's company.  Well, that along with Ma Jack and Big Daddy getting to see Knox's new tricks of screaming when he wants something or just because he can, and throwing little temper tantrums.  *sigh*  We did figure out if we talk really deep like Big Daddy, he wonders what in the world you are doing, and pipes down a notch or two.  :)

I'm sure I'll have some more exciting news by Thursday--one of my BFFs, Tiffany will be having her labor induced late Wednesday evening.  SO, sweet baby Norah should be here sometime Thursday!  Good luck, Tiff, and the Lamm-Rogers can't wait to meet her when we're home for Turkey Day!!!

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  1. Thanks, Lamm! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, but I'll be home ALL DAY LONG tomorrow...I've been instructed not to leave the house! I've been trying to Christmas shop, but I guess I'm officially done--for now. I'll call you tomorrow when we'll have time to catch up. Later Tater!